Vegetable Manchurian, Indo-Chinese How-to Video

Indian Chinese is loved by everyone. How to best describe it? It is hard, but would say that it hits a note with the kick of spice and abundance of flavor. Growing up, going out for Indian-Chinese food on special occasions will forever be etched in my memory. Watch the mysteries of this fabulous Cuisine unfold before your eyes.

Link to the Detailed Recipe: HERE

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0 thoughts on “Vegetable Manchurian, Indo-Chinese How-to Video

  1. hey gals ,
    u really do a gr8 job by doin this.i m only 15 yrs old bt i just love 2 cook,i wil surely try dis n tel u ol d results.i hope it cums quite well……thnx

  2. I have parties frequently at my place…show me the curry is the place for me to find great ideas…Great job you guys !!!

  3. Hi Gals,
    Love all your recipes ! Can u please have this recipe written as well. It makes it so easy to carry a sheet of paper rather than a laptop to the kitchen 🙂

  4. Hi both of you

    Happy to post first comment on this 🙂

    I have always wondered that Manchurian making must be a very complex process but thanks to you both it seemed a cake walk.

    It seems very interesting and tempting…will have to try it tomorrow morning.

    Keep doing this noble job as you are making so many girls and their families the happy ones.

    Bless you both! No other words for you both…

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