0 thoughts on “Sweet Corn Soup How-to Video

  1. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    This Recipe is really good…
    I liked the Idea of putting Ginger and Garlic to it..
    Can you Let me know how to make the Cream Style Sweet Corn in the house itself…
    Thank you..

    1. Hi Swathi,

      We get the canned variety so readily available that we just use that :). We will put it on our list to do.

      1. Hi Hetal
        Thank you replying back… I Live in Brazil and i dont get Creamy Style Sweet Corn out here..
        I will be waiting for it.. Thank you.. 🙂
        P:S You guys are doing a gr8 good.. I just Like the Fact that you have the Exact Measurements for the everything.. That makes it so much easy for us..

  2. I love how you go step-by-step so it looks so easy. lol Very cute ending Goes great with the chinese-indian theme. “Adding pinch of soy-sauce to your life!”

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