Summer Rolls How-to Video

Summer Rolls, most commonly found in Vietnamese cuisine, are a light and healthy alternative to traditional fried spring rolls. Wrapped in rice paper and filled with crisp veggies and herbs, these Summer Rolls are the perfect appetizer or snack. Try this easy “no cooking” recipe with our Peanut Dipping Sauce for your next party!

Detailed recipe for Summer Rolls

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0 thoughts on “Summer Rolls How-to Video

  1. Love this, and always wanted to try this, and finally when i saw this recipe i tried it… It was amazing.


  2. Hetal/Anuja,

    will this recipe work, if I put a layer of peanut sauce on the rice paper and then proceed with the veges and then wrap it, like how we would do for our Indian wraps, e.g. Frankie.
    In this case the peanut sauce would be like our chutney..
    Thank You

  3. Thanks for this recipe..i am always looking foe nwe ways to make vegetain food a delight..
    This was delicious and makes a great appetizer idea for a party…you can involve kids to make these as well and it is so much fun..for the people who watch their calories,this is a good option food…filling and yet low in claories …

  4. this would be expensive receipe.. because half of the suff is not regular house hold item. and would be waste if family doesnt like it… so thank you for the receipe but not my type.

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