Spinach Paratha How-to Video

Spinach Paratha is a perfect way to enjoy the goodness of spinach. This Indian recipe for unleavened flat bread is a little different from the traditional stuffed version of paratha. The kids will love the fun presentation and they won’t even have to know they’re eating a leafy green vegetable!

For the detailed recipe, click HERE

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0 thoughts on “Spinach Paratha How-to Video

  1. SMTC,

    I love watching the videos. I’ve been waiting to try parathas. I’ve got my chapati flour waiting. I think I’m a bit nervous that I will ruin them. But I bet even the mistakes are good snacks. I will post my success or failure on my blog, “feed yourself.”

    Thanks for the videos!

  2. Hi Sabina,

    We are working on some but for the time being, check out these under our Appetizer section:
    Chicken Tikka
    Shammi Kebab

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