Shammi Kebabs How-to Video, Spicy Non-Vegetarian Recipe Video

There is a misconception that ‘kebabs’ are hard to make. These are anything but that. They are great as snacks, an accompaniment to a meal or simply as burgers for the kids’ school lunch. Also, with Ramadan going on, what a perfect time to make these wonderful kebabs. .

For a detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Shammi Kebabs How-to Video, Spicy Non-Vegetarian Recipe Video

  1. Hi Sonu,
    I am really surprised that they came out dry, I have made it with turkey for about 10-12 years, it’s only now that i have started using lamb meat. A couple of pointers:
    1. Add a little extra egg.
    2. Add a little less channa daal.

    Give it a shot. I personally prefer turkey kebabs.

  2. i did try the shammi kabab using turkey meat and it din’t come out very good they were a bit dry so i think next time i should try with lamb meat.. once again you both have such an easy going web site…i have recommended your web site to my friends and they all have positive comments about your web site.

  3. about your butter chicken:

    if instead of sugar, you use honey, the taste would enhance and it would give a better sweet flavour to the gravy.

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