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  1. Hi.. I guess this is not the right place to post this question but cud u guys pls recommend a good pressure cooker for cooking meat in. And would a stainless steel or aluminium pressure cooker be better… and a US brand will be more convenient as I am in a place where it is hard to find indian products. Thanks a lot…

  2. Hi Sonu,

    All pressure cookers are different so it may take a couple of tries to figure yours out. Definitely, next time try one whistle and if that doesn’t work, place the cooker under a running tap of cold water a minute or so after the whistle sounds. This will remove the pressure from the cooker immediately and stop the cooking process. Be careful doing this and make sure not to pour water on top of the whistle or the valve.

    Thanks for recommending our site to your friends :).

  3. hi hetal,
    few days back i found out about ur web site and have recommended to few of my friends and they all thought it was such a nice site to refer to.
    anyway i try the seasoned urad daal from ur site and gave 2 whistle as u mention on ur site and it became really mus…not at all the way ur came out with seperated grains…..i have to try to make it again but i guess i should do only one whistle….

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