Sambar How-to Video – A South Indian Delight

Sambar is a staple part of most South Indian meals. Every family has their own personal recipe/touch to making this fantastic daal. The amazing part is that it is so flavorful and goes so beautifully with a host of things like Dosa, Idli, Rice, Vadas…

For a detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Sambar How-to Video – A South Indian Delight

    1. Hi ljshee,

      No, you cannot eat the outer covering of a drumstick. The way you eat it is to put it in your mouth holding one end, bite down and pull it out. Your teeth should be scraping/squeezing all the insides into your mouth. 🙂 Enjoy!

  1. Thanks – I managed to get both items from a local Gujarati grocers. Please come and visit Leicester, UK – and see for yourself our beautiful cultural city!

  2. I loved this receipe of yours….it was simple enough and worked out great. I have done it twice now and the sambar was yummy. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Girls

    I have recently discovered your website – and tried many of your recipes. Keep posting new recipes! As a resident in Leicester, UK I am able to get almost all of your Indian ingredients. However, can you tell me what is ‘winter melon’ and ‘drumsticks’ are? Thanks.

    1. Hi Rukey,

      Winter melon is also called white gourd, ash gourd, or “fuzzy melon”. It is really large so most Indian grocery stores here in the US sell smaller cut portions. Drum sticks are long green stick like vegetables. We sometimes get them fresh but are available frozen as well.

  4. Delicious recipe! I did have some trouble finding sambar powder but I found a few recipes online and was able to make my own.

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