Rotli (Roti) How-to Video

Rotli or Roti is yet another type of unleavened Indian bread that can be enjoyed with any vegetable or curry. Rotli, as they are known in Gujarat, India, are rolled very thin making them light and soft. They are cooked in two different steps — first on a tawa (or skillet) and then finished off on the open flame making them balloon up. Try these wonderfully soft and fluffy rotlis, or rotis but be sure to make plenty — they go fast!

Detailed Rotli Recipe

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0 thoughts on “Rotli (Roti) How-to Video

  1. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    Quick question: how can we make the rotis baloon up if we don`t have a gas stove. I`ve got an electric one, as I`m sure many of your viewers do. I baloon it up by pressing lightly on the roti to let it baloon up slowly. It`s not the same as doing it directly on the flame. So if there is a better way to do it than what I do, then maybe you can add that segment onto this video. The tip with the maida is great. I`ll try it next time. 🙂

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