Puri /Poori How-to Video

Puris are such a treat to the eyes and to the taste buds. The sight of a well puffed up Puri excites everyone (not just kids). Some great combinations are ‘Aloo-Puri’, Chole-Puri’ or ‘Halwa-Puri’. It is made on special occasions from religious functions to weddings to birthdays. Enjoy this awesome South Asian unleavend bread that will take your breath away!

For a detailed recipe, click HERE

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0 thoughts on “Puri /Poori How-to Video

  1. Hello Hetal and Anuja ,

    I am a great fan of your recipes .Your recipes always come out good 🙂 .
    I am looking for a deep frying pan for poori in US . Can you suggest me some nice deep frying pans which look like Kadai,like the one used in this video ?
    Also,Can you suggest me the best vegetable chopper/processor available here, which is suitable for Indian vegetarian cooking, to reduce the time spent on cutting vegetables :). I would highly appreciate your suggestions .

    Thanks a lot in advance !Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Sangeeta,

      The frying pan we used was purchased some 15 years ago and we are not sure where it is from. Some of the larger Indian grocery stores carry fry pans that work well for poori. Food processors are great for chopping certain veggies, like onions or cabbage. They don’t work for every vegetable. You have to find one that is the right size for your family or whether you entertain a lot or not. It is always my advice to buy one with the most powerful motor you can afford.

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