0 thoughts on “Perfect Basmati Rice How-to Video

  1. Hi Rick,
    This is very interesting as we have been making rice the same way (10mins) for years. The few things I can think of are
    1. the rice quality varies
    2. the rice that is served with Indian food is a lot softer that the Chinese rice or American rice.
    Anyway, am glad you came up with a solution.

  2. Hi –

    Love the site.

    Basmati in the US seems to cook well using normal techniques (use 2x amount of water to rice, bring water and rice to a boil, reduce heat and cook until water absorbed.) Comes out nice and fluffy.

    Currently in Paris – and the Basmati is *really* sticky, here. So, I tried your method and it seemed to work, but it was pretty overdone. I think 10 mins too long. More like six or seven would have been better, I think.

    But better than sticky.


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