0 thoughts on “Medu Vada How-to Video

  1. Here’s what to do if you are having a problem making a hole in the medu vada as shown in the video.

    Wet your hand slightly with water. Take a lump of the batter and make a nice ball with the wet hand. Put this ball on a piece of wax paper. Make a hole as big as you like in the center. Invert the wax paper with the uncooked medu vada touching your palm and gently peel off the wax paper. Now you have just the uncooked medu vada on your palm. The wetness on the palm will help to easily slide the medu vada in the hot oil.

  2. Awesome recipe! I tried today to make the Medu Vada, indulging now with your coconut chutney recipe and a cup of hot tea. My hubby will love it too! Thanks for sharing.

    Cynthia Raj
    Puchong – Malaysia

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