13 thoughts on “Malai Kofta How-to Video

  1. Is there a particular brand of Garam masala powder you suggest for all north Indian Cooking or you make your own garam masala?

    1. Hi Anu,

      I checked the video and it is working fine on our end. Maybe you can try to refresh your browser. Also, just a note…this dish is great for everyday family meals but if you want to make it for a party, you may want to fry the koftas. They will hold up better, especially if you will serve the dish at a later time.

  2. Hi Hetal/Anuja,

    Thank u for sharing this awesome recipe. i tried making it, but paneer aloo mixture became gooey i couldnt make balls out of it. What could have gone wrong?? i followed ur recipe step by step.

    Shyamala Ashwin

    1. Hi there,
      Here are a few suggestions:
      a. Try using potatoes that are less starchy (Red Potatoes)
      b. Sometimes the vegetable release a lot of water. Here are a couple of options:
      1. Add a couple of teaspoons of All-Purpose Flour to the kofta dough (it’ll absorb the excess moisture) and it’ll help keep the shape of the koftas.
      2. In the food-processor, pulse the ingredients instead of processing it, and then form the koftas.
      Both the above methods work well 🙂
      Hope that helps!

  3. Great Job done by Ms. Hetal & Ms. Anuja.
    many times reading receipes looks hard & just ignores to make it. you have made it very easy.
    Thanks,keep it up.

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