Kothu Parotta How-to Video

Kothu Parotta just means it’s ‘minced’ or ‘beaten-up’ Parotta…and there are a lot of variations to this wonderful dish that you can just whip up and impress everyone. The first time I had this dish was at a small little road-side shop in Trivandrum (aka Thiruvananthapuram), though origianally from Tamil Nadu! Enjoy this wonderful dish from my past:) Perfect for breakfast, brunch or just a snack.

For a detailed recipe, click HERE!

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0 thoughts on “Kothu Parotta How-to Video

  1. Dear Hetal and Anuja, you girls rock ! I recently tried many recipes from your website and it was duper-hit at home. Thank-you so much. You have simplified many recipes and they way you teach it to viewers is fantastic. My daughter loves your website too. Anyway, I would like to know the recipe ( with video when you have time ofcourse) for parotta ( roti with layers). It is one one of those authentic indian breads for which we dont have a proper video demo on any websites. I think you girls should have it on your website. Have a great weekend. Thanks Kate

  2. Hi Hetal / Anuja,

    I have my son’s b’day in another 2 days.I am planning to prepare parottas (I’m from TamilNadu)(some 50 Nos.)for the birthday party by myself. How can I keep them warm and crispy till serving?

    I tried wrapping them hot in foil sheet and kept in a 170deg oven for an hour… but they are gone bad.. lost their crispness and became soft.

    Can i let them cool after i make and put them back in a 400 deg hot oven in a foil tray, uncovered and bake for 5-10 min?

    will this work? Please help me. i dont want all my efforts in preparing those wonderful parottas and making them a waste.

    1. Hi Bessie,

      We have never pre-made parottas and served them later so cannot guide you exactly. Sorry. However, heating them in a hot oven uncovered seems like the best way. Can you try it out on a couple of them to make sure it works?

  3. hi gals,

    wonderful recipe.
    i tried this with store bought Malabar Parotta.came out really well.
    thank you so much.

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