Idli – How-to Videos, A South Indian Treat!

Idlis are traditionally a breakfast item but the fact that when served with Sambar and Chutney, they are a full meal and can be enjoyed at any time of the day! Idlis are steamed making them very healthy and very light, you’ll be amazed how many you can eat but then who’s counting?
Making Idlis is a process that takes a couple of days but at the end of it, it’s absolutely worth the effort!

For a detailed recipe, click HERE.

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30 thoughts on “Idli – How-to Videos, A South Indian Treat!

  1. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    I have paraboiled rice, One of my friend used make idlis with paraboiled rice, but for me its not coming well. Do u have any suggestions for using paraboiled rice?

    1. Hi Ujwala,

      You can use it as rice and if you don’t like the taste or flavor – make yogurt-rice, tamarind rice or lemon rice.You can make any kind of rice, pulao and it will mask the rice with the other ingredients 🙂

  2. Hi Hetal,

    What is the substitute for idli rava or cream of rice which is impossible to find in the placw we livw and also the proportion of the substitute

    Where die u get the non-stick idli stand?


    1. Hi Praise,

      You can substitute equal portions of parboiled rice, soak it as per the recipe and then grind it. The non-stick idli stand is from India.

  3. Hi Sheeta and Anuja,

    I missed getting Indian mixer/grinder when I moved to US. I am planning to buy one here for making idli/dosa batter, grind spices and make chutneys. Please let me know which the best American substitute for Indian cooking. Also, I am planning to buy some cookware. Please let me know the one that you are using.


    1. Hi Haritha,

      Premier (Super G) makes a nice and versatile mixie with several sized jars and a spice grinder, too. We don’t have one set of cookware because between the two of us, we have collected many different ones over the years. There are many good brands out there (Tools of the Trade and Farberware are good and reasonably priced stainless steel ones).

    1. Hi Fareeda,

      I know they have microwave idli stands but we have honestly never tried steaming in a glass plate…maybe some of our other viewers can give their feedback.

  4. Hello ladies,

    I use ponni boiled rice for idlis instead of idli rawa. Sometimes I use 1:2 dal and rice proportion and sometimes it’s 1:3. I also add methi seeds to it. No matter what I do, like keeping the batter in steel container, in warm oven with light on, over night, it just does not rise.
    What am I missing?
    Please advise.


    1. Hi Madhu,

      Using the Ponni boiled rice is similar to using idli rawa so that should not be the issue. For us, sometimes it takes more than overnight for the batter to ferment, especially in colder weather. Try keeping it a bit longer and see if it changes anything. If you soak in the morning and grind at night, the batter should be ready by the next evening for dinner.

      1. Thanks for yr reply Hetal. I’ll try keeping it for longer. Sometimes I get worried about spoiling the batter if I leave it outside for longer.
        I love yr recipes and yr website.


  5. Some tips from my end.

    1. Substitute one measure of idli rava with flattened rice (or poha in hindi or aval in tamil). So, that would make it one measure of idli rava and one measure of flattened rice. This makes the idlis softer.

    2. The finer you grind the urad dhal, the softer the idlis would be.

  6. hi guys
    I have idli rice at home. can i follow the same mothod? if not what is the propotition to urid dal & rice? plz let me know. im waiting for ur reply

  7. Could u pls tell me how to freeze the idli and dosa batter
    this would be very helpful for me and my hubby as i am going to India in two weeks.So pls do reply as soon as possible.Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Sowmya,

      After the batter has fermented, just pour it into freezer safe containers (preferably just as big as your husband needs for one time usage) and freeze them. When he is ready to use it, he can either transfer the container from the freezer to the fridge the day before to thaw or just leave it out on the counter in the morning and it will be ready to use in the evening. Alternately, he can defrost the batter in the microwave using the DEFROST button. He will have to keep stirring the batter in between so that it defrosts evenly. Make sure he does not use the COOK button.

      1. Hi Hetal,

        thank u soooooooo much.Today i made ur punjabi masala too for freezing.Thank u for everything.U both r very very helpful.Thank u!!!

  8. I love idlis and I am super happy to see this recipe here. My South Indians friends were experts but I never knew the method and could not get my hands on the right method too.
    Thank you so much for this. You ladies rock. You help us women so much, especially those who are in countries outside India. I do not need to call me mom anymore!!! I am sure my men also may be your viewers,after all your recipes are so wonderful.

    I have a hamilton beech blender,mainly used to make smoothies. Can I try making batter in it?I don’t have access to a grinder.

    1. Hi Helie,

      Thanks…glad you are finding SMTC useful! You can definitely use your blender but be sure not to run it for more than one minute at a time. The batter is thick and will burn out the motor if kept going to long.

  9. Hi,

    I have two issues. Hope to see your reply

    1. I used whole urad and the fermented batter has smell of urad which spoils the idli taste a bit. how to get rid off that?

    2. Can I use the same batter for making dosa?

    1. Hi Priya,

      1. Whole urad tends to be a little more potent than daal. Your batter may have over-fermented. Unfortunately, if it has a spoiled smell, you really cannot do anything with it. If anyone else has any solution, please feel free to chime in.

      2. Many people use the same batter for idli and dosa (thinning it down a bit). However, this recipe uses idli rava which has more texture. Dosa batter is usually ground pretty fine.

  10. Hallo Hetal and Anuja, thank you for sharing all this wonderful recipe in a clear and simple way!
    I really love idli, it’s my favorite breakfast, but where I live idli rava or cream of rice is impossible to find. Can I substitute it with rice flour?
    (your sooji version works great!)
    Thank you in advance for your answer
    best wishes

  11. hello

    very nice tips and good video of making idli, thank you very much. I have been trying to make kaju katli and idli from so many years to make it perfect but never got the right and happy result, after seeing your kaju kathli recipe i tried and i came out perfect, no hassel of making syrup etc just you have shown a perfect and easy recipe, i need to try for idli now and let you know my result.

    Please show us how to make ssamosa and motichoor ladoo, i been trying for ladu so many days but not getting that soft ladus, plsss

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