How To Make Masala (in bulk) How-to Video

Cooking Indian food can’t get any easier. Making this Punjabi masala is a little time consuming at first, but then you realize what a time saver it is in the long run. Amazing! You’ll wonder why you have not done this for years…but, it’s never too late to start. Watch this video recipe and enjoy our “Shortcut to Indian Cooking 101”.

For a detailed recipe, click HERE

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11 thoughts on “How To Make Masala (in bulk) How-to Video

  1. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I am very fond of cooking but an amateur cook. Your website is like my new guide to new and simple recipes.

    I must say you two are PERFECTIONISTS. I really loved the way you used straw to make the masala airtight. Amazing!!!!


    Keep the good work going.


  2. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    I don’t want to use canned tomatoes. How many tomatoes are needed to make the same quantity of masala? Will appreciate if you can tell the type too (roma, vine or other)


    1. We have never used fresh tomatoes when making this masala in bulk but in general, we usually use 2 large tomatoes (Roma) per 1 medium onion. You can really use any type of tomato that is available to you.

  3. I made a batch of the masala some time ago. Would you please post a list of your recipes I can use this in? I don’t know what to use it in now that I made it. Thanks and we really enjoy your videos and recipes.

    1. Hi Sona,

      We used the cup just to give the ziploc bags some support while we were filling them. You can use ice cube trays but you’d have to have a lot of trays and they take up a lot of space in the freezer. The flattened ziploc bags work great and you can break off as much masala as you need and put the rest back.

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