Homemade Yogurt (Dahi) How-to Video

Watch this video recipe for Homemade Yogurt aka Dahi or Curds. It’s so simple to make and you won’t believe how easy (and cost effective) making yogurt at home can be. Forget those store bought yogurts which lack flavor and are usually made thick with gelatin or pectin. You will be certain that yogurt made by you is all natural!

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Homemade Yogurt (Dahi) How-to Video

  1. The curd gets slimy(I mean sticky) due to a type of bacteria called ALCELIGANCE VISCOLECTIS.Also sometimes due to warm climate ( as it happens in India) the curd becoms saour. In either case the best solution is to change the starter . dont use your leftover starter.

    1. Hi Jyoti,

      No, this yogurt does not get slimy, even after a few weeks. The trick to prevent slimy yogurt is to let the milk come to a boil at a lower flame. The longer the milk is kept at a certain high temperature, the proteins break down and prevent the slime.

    1. Hi Aish,

      I have not tried it, but would imagine that if you use organic milk with an organic yogurt starter, you would get organic yogurt. What goes wrong when you try it ?

  2. Hi

    Thankyou for this great way of making curd/yoghurt at home. However I had one question, I dont have a container for keeping the curd in the back oven. Plastic, glass and steel vessels cannot be used apparantly. How else do I keep the curd?

    1. Hi Swathi,

      You have to turn the oven off before putting in the curd. The oven is just slightly warm. Wondering why you think glass and steel cannot be used…

  3. Hello Hetal and Anuja,
    Just wanted to let you know that ever since I have seen this recipe I have always made yogurt at home and with great success.I just add one tablespoon of milk powder to the starter yogurt and mix well. It just makes the yogurt more creamy.I have made several recipe using homemade yogurt,and the end results are excellent.I had a question though, how can I make custard style yogurt???….My kids love yogurt and I would like to surprise them with this yummy treat…Please suggest…Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

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