0 thoughts on “Gujarati Kadhi – Hot Yogurt Soup How-to Video

  1. Hi hetal and anuja,

    Thanks for the recipe. I tried it just like the way you showed it. The taste is good but little bit bitter even though I added very little fenugreek seeds. Do you know what may be the reason?

  2. Are you not very fast. Its bit difficult to understand as you are going very fast. If you slow down while announcing the ingradients, its easy for people to understand u r too fast

  3. Hi hetal and anuju, thanks for the recipes.
    i am requler visitor for this website. your are doing excellent job, that helping people to cook. I made kadhi,it came out very nice, very simple to do also. my son likes kadhi pakoda, please can you show us pakoda’s for kadhi — which are not deep fried.
    thank you

  4. hi
    hetal and anuja, thanks for this kadhi recipe
    i always long to make this kadhi i am just 95% sucessful , even though no one complains, i was never satisfied completely with my kadhi
    will surely make and let u know if i mastered it

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