Guacamole How-to Video

Guacamole is a great addition to a Mexican meal, it adds a great dimension and a flavor that is unparalleled to anything else. The smooth texture of the avocados, the medley of color and an amazing flavor are all brought together in this one side dish! Enjoy this Guacamole recipe as a dip with tortillas chips or as an accompaniment to your Mexican fare.

Detailed Guacamole recipe

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  1. You’ve been helpful to me, and I want to reciprocate.

    I watched your video on guacamole. It is excellent. Not only the flexibility of quantities of ingredients is extremely relevant, but you’re among the few foodie sites that doesn’t put MAYO in guacamole! It is cloying in guacamole, dulling the other flavors.

    Guacamole is indeed a very healthy food. You should also know that cilantro is one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world, better, even, than spinach! I encourage people to include them wherever they can. Almost any soup or stew (even canned, but not cream soups) will get a nutritional boost, and an additional delightful flavor if cilantro is added.

    Also the texture varies to taste, too. Some people like everything, or certain things, chopped in large pieces, and others prefer small. There is no right or wrong way. It’s all – as you said – to taste. Leaving some of the avocado in visible chunks is always good. As you eat it, you’ll get an occasional butst of pure taste of the buttery/nutty flavor that way.

    I’m glad to see you’re not “pushing” any particular brand of avocado. An avocado is an avocado, as long as it was not abused while it grew or was handled. Here, there’s a purple avocado with a thin – and edible – skin. Same taste inside, and these are great for traveling; you can eat them like a pear! A neighbor of mine had a tree that overhung my yard, and every year huge avocados, the size of footballs, with seeds the size of baseballs, fell from it. They usually went splat! But when we could catch even one, it was enough to make guacamole for as many as 6 people!

    Here in Mexico, each region will have its own versions of most classic recipes, and guacamole is no exception. While some regions use cumin, I think most do not. To MY taste, it interferes with other flavors; but it’s a matter of individual preferences.

    You used red onion, but I think most people here use ordinary white or yellow ones. Red ones are more costly.

    What you did omit, though, was the garlic. The only time guacamole would be made without it is if some of the people don’t like garlic. It is a very standard ingredient. I’d suggest you include it.

    The chiles don’t have to be fresh. I find it more convenient to use pickled jalapenos from a can. Very flavorful. The level of heat (chiloso) is always to taste, but at least SOME must be in the dish, because the chiles contribute more than heat. They have a flavor of their own that is fabulous – even essential -in guacamole. For people with low tolerance, I’d put in a spoonful or two of the liquid from a can of pickled jalapenos, so the flavor can come through. Then offer more chiles on the side.

    Guacamole should be highly aromatic. You could emphasize this, and that the limes (lemon is sort of okay) should be fresh, and never bottled. If you can smell the aroma across the room, you couldn’t have done too much wrong!

    One of my favorite meals is chicken/avocado taquitos. It is made with slices of juicy, succulent chicken breasts and slices of avocado wrapped in a lightly-dry toasted flour tortilla. Salsa picante is put on top before rolling. Delicious! It can also be made with just the chicken and a portion of guacamole, because all guacamole is, in reality, is mashed avocados mixed with salsa picante! This could help viewers make guacamole more easily, just by having salsa picante on hand. It’s a very versatile way to season many things, which is why it is a classic in its own right.

    I’ve lived here for 20 years now, and adore Mexican foods. I’m glad to see you have found their virtues, too. If I can ever be of service regarding Mexican foods, I’d be glad to oblige, but if I don’t know how to answer a question, I won’t pretend that I do know, as some people might. I respect you very much. By no means am I any ultimate authority! But still, there should be garlic in your guacamole. Best regards.

  2. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    Thank you for this wonderful website.I learned so many items from your how to video. And the way of presentation is so good. Thank you again and keep up this nice work and give us a new recepies an tips for cooking.

  3. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Just checked out on this new mexican dip. Its tempting to try. Thanks both of you for introducing me to this cuisine. Honestly I had not known much about Mexican food. But Now I am enjoying this sojourn with you two into this tasty world of Mexico.

    Hope to get more new recipes from you both from various other parts of the globe too.


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