0 thoughts on “Green Beans with Shredded Coconut How-to Video

  1. Hi Annie:
    Thanks for the compliment and your feedback, we just love them.
    We do use Hindi names a lot of times(force of habit, I guess!). If you are not familiar with any of them, you can refer to our glossary page and we have Indian and American names for most of the spices.
    Regarding the flame, we will try and keep that in mind next time we do a shooting…
    Thank you again and we loved your response to ‘Namesake’ as well.
    Take Care
    Hetal & Anuja
    ShowMeTheCurry team

  2. Hello Ladies,
    I love your videos (and audio too!). I’m learning a lot from this site and can’t wait to try out the recipes. I like learning the names of the spices, too…are you using the Hindi names? It might be nice to get a shot of the size of the flame under the pan (if possible). My stove is old and doesn’t have “low, medium, high” like new cooktops do (dark ages).
    Anyway, great show and many thanks!!

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