0 thoughts on “Dahi Vada How-to Video

  1. Hello,

    Can I use the electric whip attachment to my hand blender to whip the batter? Will it make the batter nice and light or would it have any adverse effect on it?

    Thank you in advance :)….

  2. Hey,

    I would like to know where you got the spatula which you have used to take out all the batter from the mixie?
    Can you tell me where you bought it/type/name.. something about it?


  3. Hi, you guys rock!!!
    My first Dahi vadas had turned out awesome and I got lot of praise from my husband and neighbors.

    Thanks a lot for posting this recipe and keep posting more easy to make, but delicious recipes.


  4. Try using a small ice cream scoop to makes the balls for frying – works great and keeps your hands nice and clean! You won’t be able to make the hole, but it isn’t necessary with a smaller scoop.

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