Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Salad How-to Video

If you’re running out of healthy and satisfying lunch ideas, try this delicious Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Salad. Don’t let the term “salad” fool you. This one will keep your tummy happy for a while. Enjoy!

For a detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Salad How-to Video

  1. I think you ladies do a wonderful job of demonstrating Indian cooking. Thank you. HOWEVER, your cookware looks like a Teflon or similar nonstick coating. This is extremely unhealthy to use, not so much because it gets in the food as the particules get in the air and your lungs. If I am wrong, forgive me. Cast iron is a wonderful healthy pan to use and very inexpensive.

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