Chinese Chili Sauce How-to Video

Chinese Chili Sauce is a versatile sauce to have in your refrigerator for “anytime” use. Try this quick and easy recipe for Chinese Chili Sauce and have it on hand the next time you make a Chinese or Indian Chinese dish. It also makes a great dipping sauce for egg rolls or summer rolls or you feel like just spicing up for food. It has a kick to it as well as a lot of flavor.

Chinese Chili Sauce Detailed Recipe

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0 thoughts on “Chinese Chili Sauce How-to Video

  1. hi can i use the chili that has been juice extracted? meaning im only using the chili skin and seeds and a bit of juice since it has been already extracted from the hot sauce plant.
    and one more thing to add. do i have to roast the chili first to get it dry?
    thats all thanks and GOD BLESS
    Good show by the way.


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