Chicken Pasanda How-to Video

Chicken Pasanda is one dish that just oozes flavor and with a name like that it just sounds complicated. Watch, learn and unfold the mysteries of an awesome dish that will have you licking your fingers! A perfect party dish that just for the family, it’s perfect in every way.

Chicken Pasande Recipe

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0 thoughts on “Chicken Pasanda How-to Video

  1. Hi am Pooja,
    I have no such quary from you people, i just wanted to say you that chicken pasanda recipe is just great. Yes its very true that there are sooo many chicken pasanda recipe available but i am confident enough to always opt for your recipe only. The tast is siply great i just love it with the added flavour of fried onions it tastes even better.
    I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely recipe. This one is the best propably because its ur mum’s recipe Anuja!!


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