Besan ki Burfi (Magas) How-to Video

Festivals and holidays are right around the corner. Celebrate your family and friends this year with delicious Besan ki Burfi (aka Magas). Roasted and fragrant chickpea flour (besan) is the base of this very popular Indian sweet or mithai. Learn how to make ordinary besan into an extra-ordinary dessert with this “I can’t believe how easy it is!” recipe.

Detailed Besan ki Burfi (Magas) Recipe

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0 thoughts on “Besan ki Burfi (Magas) How-to Video

  1. Hi Hetal & Anuja….This is an awesome recipe I tried making it…it tasted really good but i was not able to get the barfi pieces it was breaking when i tried to take it off the pan…..any suggestions?
    thanks for wonderful recipes…

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