Tip Tuesday – Measuring Sticky Ingredients

How many times have we had to measure sticky ingredients and pour them into the bowl or dish and majority of it is still stuck to the spoon 🙁
Here is a quick trick:

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0 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday – Measuring Sticky Ingredients

  1. I am a white American lady of a certain age. A young Indian mother of my acquaintance from work would discuss food and cooking often with me at lunch time. She shared with me her early experiences in the United States. Back then she was horrified to discover that she was expected to freshly prepare traditional foods for her husband’s meals – and she had no clue how to do this! “Show Me the Curry” was the website that kept her marriage happy and she highly recommended it to me. And I am very glad she did. My Indian dishes are now much tastier, and more attractive to the eye, than when I attempted to prepare them using only a cookbook. Thank you for your wonderful website.
    I was browsing through your “Tips” and noticed one that does not appear. My friend shared this one with me when I told her I completely ruined a dish once. I got confused about the spices and totally forgot to add one thing and added another thing twice. Yech! She told me about the teeny tiny little bowls that Indian cooks use to keep them from making the mistake I made. I ran out that night to a local American kitchen store and bought six teeny tiny little Pyrex bowls that hold no more than a tablespoon or two. This technique definitely works. I have never made that mistake again and I am back to being definitely tasty almost all the time.

  2. I thought I had received an email saying you were no longer going to be available. Did I misunderstand? Even if you don’t ADD new recipes, I hope the website stays forever.

  3. hi
    Great tip!I use the cooking spray when I store leftover tomato
    sauce or anything that stains the plastic containers.Always works for me.

    1. Hi Lavi,

      We have a method for pickled onions in lemon juice that you may be able to substitute vinegar….or leave it as is :). It is in the middle of the Tandoori Chicken video.

      1. Thanx Hetal..
        I missed that as I am vegetarian 🙂
        will try that soon. Can you tell the shelf life for the pickled onions? Do I need to refrigerate?

        1. Hi Lavi,

          Yes you do need to refrigerate them but they will last at least 2 months. Make sure no dirty spoons or other contaminants get into them.

  4. Hi hetal&Anuja…..

    you can tell us how can we remove stickers from the bowl or stainless steel….bcoz somebody told me about that spray but i don’t know what is that!!!!if you can tell us in this coming tuesday ….thankyou sooooooo much for your all lovely tips love you girls

    1. Hi Shalini,

      We were having some issues with the video so we had to take it down. We will have it up again when the issue is resolved.

  5. Hetal where is that roti recipe ? I saw the recipe in your home page, thought of seeing it later and now there is no recipe. What happened ? Why did you guys removed that recipe ??

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