Tip Tuesday – Easy Meal Prep for Sambar

Are you disappointed that you’re missing a vegetable for your sambar recipe, or maybe you don’t want to run to the grocery store for that one carrot? Check out this easy sambar meal prep tip to make your life a little easier! And why limit it to Sambar, if you have a family favorite recipe, prep ahead and meals will be a breeze then.

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2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday – Easy Meal Prep for Sambar

  1. Why not get the younger kids and grandkids involved? Introduce them into the joys of food prep by giving them the job of making the Sambars. With your guidance they can learn how to chop the veggies and package them in this easy and less messy way that I mentioned before.

    Label the locking freezer bags and full them with the chosen veggie medley, lay the package out on the work surface and flatten, insert a drinking straw into on end of the bag opening and press closed up to the straw, gently but firmly press down on the end of the straw in the bag, suck out as much air as you can, press down with the thumb and pull out the straw at the same time to complete the seal. “Look! And I helped!”

  2. I like this idea of making up small bags veggies for meals. One thing I’ll add to this that I have seen on several cooking videos that works well; if you don’t have a vacuum sealer machine, place you items in the zip-lock sealable freezer bags, flatten out the contents and submerge the bag in a large container of water to within a half inch of the top and the seal the bag with the zip lock. The water will push out the air from inside the bag. dry off the outside, label and freeze. Simple as that.

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