Storing Lettuce – Household Tip

Buying a whole head of lettuce is so much cheaper than out of a bag! But what should you do to extend the life of that whole head that you bring home? Here we show you a way of extending the shelf life of the leaves. Simple and fun! Enjoy your lettuce for a lot longer.

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0 thoughts on “Storing Lettuce – Household Tip

  1. Hi Hetal, Anuja

    After removing the stem of the lettuce out, how long would the lettuce leaves stay on the fridge shelf rack.? I mean how long in weeks would be their life span.?



  2. Iceberg lettuce cored. Just grab the lettuce, the base of the lettuce toward the counter and hit the core on the counter. Core detaches itself easily. This is what we did when I work in a professional kitchen, 50 icebergs.

  3. Hello Hetal and Anuja! I love watching your videos and delight in your progress. This tip however does seem counterintuitive to me because I would expect that the core provides the moisture leaves need to retain their plumpness. I feel the same about your tip on storing fresh chillis where you recommend removing the stem.

    I find that storing leafy veg in plastic grocery bags with holes keeps them fresh for a couple weeks. Another tip is to use special plastic containers with an insert that lift veg from the base.

    Keep up the good work – you are one of my top favorites for food ideas and recipes!

    1. Hi Renu,

      You are right about the green leafy vegetables lasting longer in bags that have holes in them but that does not work for all of them 🙁

      Lettuce is one of them! The core does provide the moisture to the leaves but the combination of oxygen + carbon dioxide + water vapor makes the leaves wilt and soft. So taking out the core cuts the supply of water vapor and placing it in a vacuum sealed bag/ ziploc bag (preferably with a kitchen towel) helps keep the air oxygen and the carbon dioxide out. The kitchen towel will absorb anything that the lettuce releases and extra insurance 😉 . Right now I have a head of lettuce in my fridge that is about 3 weeks old (I need only one leaf for every sandwich I make so it goes very slow.. )

      Regarding the green chillies – similar story but in reverse. Once the green chillies have been plucked off the plant, the stem starts trying to get moisture from the chillies (in order to stay fresh). If you notice in older chillies sometimes, the stem does not look too bad but the top part of the chillies is changing color and the bottom part is not too bad…

      Hope that helps and answers your questions. As always, thanks for your support 🙂

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tip! You cant imagine how easy you have made life for me.

    Btw, is there any way we can extend the shelf life of dark green lettuces such as Romaine lettuce?

  5. So timely – just brought home a 3-pack of iceberg lettuce from you-know-where (why not! It costs the same as a single in the regular grocery store !Reminded of the Seinfeld episode!) 🙂
    I thoroughly enjoyed this video – you two are SUCH a great team – don’t you ever fight or have arguments???

    1. Hi Noor,

      Cabbage stays fresh in the fridge for weeks so it really doesn’t need a storage tip. Also, the stem is very hard so it would be difficult to remove it.

    1. Hi Amulya,

      Cabbage already has a great shelf life in the fridge so no need for this tip. If you use a knife on lettuce, the leaves will turn brown.

  6. amazing! Thank you for the tip. Why can’t we use a knife to cut the core out? or are we supposed to avoid using a knife to extend its shelflife?
    Thank you again..

  7. wooow. great tip. i could never finish the lettuce while its fresh. just had to throw half of it last week. very useful tip.

    thanks gals. you are doing an awesome job.
    please KEEP IT UP.

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