How To Store Green Chilies

Many times, we find ourselves with a lot of fresh green chilies on hand. Either we bought them on sale, grew them in our garden or just over-estimated what we need! Whatever the reason, now comes the hard task of making sure they don’t spoil or grow fungus. Turns out that there is a simple thing you can do to extend the life of green chilies. Watch this week’s Tip Tuesday video to learn how.

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0 thoughts on “How To Store Green Chilies

  1. how do you store garlic.
    any suggestions.
    i buy the bag of peeled garlic from costco but noticed some of them get mouldy after a week.

    1. Hi Jay,

      Already peeled garlic is a great time saver if you use A LOT of garlic. However, they soak the garlic in water to be able to peel it quickly and thus makes it prone to molding. You can peel garlic at home in small batches and just keep it in a ziploc bag or container in the fridge. It stays really fresh.

  2. Hi,

    If you will store these chillies covered in the paper towel and then in a ziplock you can keep them for more days and incase if 1-2 chillies turn bad others are saved.

  3. Hi,

    After i remove the stems, i wash it with salt water so that all bacteria will be killed, then i store it in a damp paper towel inside a ziplock cover.
    This method makes it last even longer 🙂

  4. hi girls!
    i am a great fan of ur cooking.could u please demonstrate how 2 use the different modes of a microwave oven,like grilling,pre-heating,etc and how to cook simple recipes like plain rice,daal,subzi,etc

  5. Yet another way of storing green chilli:
    I leave the green chillies out for 15 minutes on dry paper towel as soon as i get it from the store. The moisture on green chillies get dried up. Then i wrap that green chilly inside paper towel and store it in ziploc cover or air tight box. It stays fresh upto 1 month in refrigerator.
    Note: I don’t remove the green chilli tip.

  6. hi hetal n anuja,
    thanx for ur wonderful tips.
    and yeah one thing i’d love to mention that voice of ur video is superb now.

  7. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    Your recipes are very good.

    I also do the same thing with chillies, just in addition I freeze them. They can be used for 3-4 months.

  8. I do the same thing ..Just one addition what I do is wrap them in tissue paper after taking the stems off and then they just last and last as u guys mentioned

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