Sticky Dosa/Dosai Tawa

There is just no point crying about the dosa sticking to the tawa/tava. And of course it will happen when you have a group of hungry mouths to feed! Now all you have to do is watch this video and learn how not to get dosai sticking to your cast iron pan or tawa. This tip is very simple to use. Another day and another beautiful dosa, life is good!

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Why does dosa stick to cast iron pans, how to prevent dosai from sticking to the tava, preparing cast iron pan tava for dosa.

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30 thoughts on “Sticky Dosa/Dosai Tawa

  1. My wife asked me to remove appx one mm thick sticky black substances sticked on the iron tawa. I used screw driver, hammer & sandpaper and turned it white plate. But all the hell broke out when she started making dasa. Your tips helped me to get my dinner. Thanks for the same. I used small piece of potato and rubbed the plate with wheat flour. I think the scratched surface of the plate got filled with the flour when we rubbed it and made it clear surface. Any expert opinion please.

  2. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I am a huge fan of your website and i have learnt a lot from your recpies and tips…wonderful both of you.:)

    Okay so recently i saw ur tip of dosa tav a thing. Pleasehelp me with my query. I just got one cast iron dosa tava from Walmart. life round flat tav a with very small edges. I tried making it but it sticked to it. am i doing somehitng wrong? i did splatter oil drops first, then little water and it bubbles…thn spread batter but it stikced badly specially on thth edge.

    I have never used cast iron tava before, but i do want to learn to make good dossa using this tava. Please tell me what can i do to make it smooth and get good dose without sticking? do i need to do anything to the tava?

    1. I know the pan and have one myself. Mine also stuck at first. In the US when they sell cast iron, they SAY its preseasoned but its more likely just sprayed with oil. You need to season it properly. I oiled mine with bacon grease and put it upside down in a hot oven (about 400-500 F) for an hour or so. Ive had no further problem with it and its an awesome pan!!

  3. Great job! Thanks so much! I tried this using tapioca flour and rice flour rather than atta and that worked for me too! Thanks again! My dosa came out perfect for the first time ever because of this tip!

  4. Hello Hetal and Anuja,
    Thanks a lot for this tip.This tip works wonders !! You ladies are doing an aswesome job…I have mentioned this tip to many of my friends now and they have started liking your show 🙂 Keep up the great job !!


  5. Here is how I do it and it works too.
    Before the tawa is put on the stove, take some oil(1 tbsp) and pour it on the tawa. Take a small piece of paper towel and rub the oil pressing hard on the surface in a circular motion. There should be a thin layer of oil on the surface of the tawa. Now place the tawa on heat.

  6. When you add the chapathi flour you say to “brush off the flour with a paper towel.” Are you removing all the flour or are you removing only the amount that does not stick to the pan?

    Also, do you heat the flour in the tava on the stove?

    1. Hi Mark,

      We are brushing off all of the flour (or as much as possible with the paper towel). There should not be a lot of flour left when you heat the tava.

  7. this tip was really very useful and most of the housewives whom i talked to were clearly bowled over. Kudos to you.
    keep the tips coming.

  8. HI Anuja and Hetal,
    Do you think it will be O.K. to use rice flour or dal flour for cleaning a cast iron griddle used for making dosas for gluten sensitive people?

    1. Hi Deepika,

      This was one of those “mystery” tips that work even though we are not certain why. In such a case, we are not sure if it is the flour that is helping or something in the flour (in this case, wheat). Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

      1. Hi Hetal and Deepika,
        for gluten sensitive people you can always try the tips which i use-
        1.Sprinkle salt over the tawa before making a dosa (make sure u don’t add more of it as it will be too salty)
        2.Keep a half cut onion with you while making dosas and rub it on the heated tawa.Then make the dosa, it works wonders
        3.sometimes dosas stick as the tawa is overheated, have a bowl of water(potable of course) and sprinkle some water over the tawa and then make the dosa.

  9. hi can u plz tell where we can get dry yeast is it in indian shopes r american shopes and what it should be named thank you

    1. It is available at Walmarts, Krogers etc and also at some of the Indian grocery stores. The one brand that comes to our mind is ‘Fleischmann’ , but a lot of stores have their own brands as well that are just as good. Look for yeast in the baking aisle and are available in bottles and little packets.

  10. Hetal, Anuja..Looks like the tawa you have is a cast iron tawa. I just bought one Paula Deen brand cast iron tawa too but the dosa stuck too it the first time I used it. It said it was pre-seasoned. How do I make sure the dosa does not stick to it (new cast iron tawa)?

  11. Big fan of your site, but it’s annoying to see so many spelling mistakes all the time. You should consider using a spell check!

  12. Great tip, luckily this hasn’t happen to us so far…

    But if it does, would we do this between every Dosa or just once in the beginning before starting?

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