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  1. All Ripening fruits release Ethylene – the gas responsible for ripening of Fruits! Banana’s simply release 3 times the normal for any fruit & hence used as a natural ripener! covering it in a bag just prevents the gas from being dispersed. This tip can be used to ripen most fruits, though am not so sure if it works for Citrus fruits….? To Ripen a papaya, simply wrap it in ordinary newspaper and often it ripens overnight!

    Ripening Mangoes in Rice is common in India ( the resultant fragrant rice – called Ambe Mohur, is prized and commands a premium)
    Ofocurse, there are commercially grown Ambe Mohur varities there days ( via genetic modification)

    1. Pratibha, Nice tips and explanation too. Thanks.

      SMTC, Just saw this video. Thanks for the tips. How come we don’t see Tips Tuesday videos anymore? Not sure if I mentioned this before…I use the tips you guys gave for boiling milk and it is just great!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for this tip !!! BTW could u demonstrate in one of your tip Tuesday sessions how to select & cut a pineapple? I always buy the canned pineapples to enjoy eating my favorite fruit but i prefer to go “green” by buying fresh pineapples & eating them. Thank you for your time & response !!

  3. Hi,
    I love your website and the recepies are amazing.. I have learnt a lot from you. thanks

    One observation that I would like to point is that your recording /voices are not very loud even with the volume button on maximum. With the back ground music it makes it difficult to hear.

    Please get this fixed. other wise the whole web site is Brilllliant.

    thanks Talib London UK

    1. Thanks for your feedback. We are looking into making some improvments, hopefully the sound issue will get resolved as well:)
      Thanks for your patience!

  4. great tip! I had actually heard this tip before in reverse, that if you hope to keep fruit fresh longer keep it away from bananas and also your bananas will keep longer if you separate them and spread them out. It does work.

    I have heard it is because the bananas release a gas of some kind.

  5. That is a great tip. Also, my mother used to follow similar technique to ripe the fruit. Instead of a plain brown cover, she used put the fruits that has to be ripen in a Rice bag (basmati, sona masoori…)

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