Removing Ink Stains – Tip

Every parent knows what it is like to have kids who get hold of pens and the only place they can express their artistic talent is the couch!! If your kids are older, you can laugh at the incident now but at that time…well, it probably tested your patience 😉 ! We are not suggesting that it is okay for the kids to do that but here is a solution incase that ever happens…now breathe easy!

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0 thoughts on “Removing Ink Stains – Tip

  1. Love your website!

    Just thought I’ll share this tip:

    Use nail varnish remover for ink marks on DARK leather furniture. My 3 year old drew all over our brown sofas and I managed to get it off by dabbing cotton wool gently on the ink…. I was so amazed with the result! Please be aware this is for dark color leathers and am not sure if it works with the lighter colors.

  2. i think a best stain remover is takes of any marks in our fabrics.u can apply curd and leave it for some mts and u can wash it with normal detrgnts or soaps

  3. Hi,
    This tip is for burns in the kitchen. whether u get burnt with hot oil or vessel immediately apply toothpaste. Yes toothpaste. it is amazing. If the burn is severe u have to apply it 2 to 3 times. there is no mark left and no boils.Try it.

  4. Hi
    You can also use nail remover any brand to remove ink stain or ball point ink which is hard to remove from the surface . My daughter accidentally drew something on sofa(velvet). I just took a cotton ball ,put some remover on it and rubbed the affected area, believe or not there was not a single stain :)You can use hand sanitizer to clean the oil grease from kitchen exhaust ,stove , cabinets in the kitchen etc:)

  5. How fresh is the ink stain for it to work? Can it remove ink stains from clothings that already has been washed and ink stain removal has been attempted?

    I worked at a drycleaning check-in/pick-up counter and I haven’t heard of this trick, I will try this when I do have a new ink stain but I still have a few garments that have ink spots. I kept the garments since they were worn once or twice, so still looking and nearly brand new. Please advice! Thank you!

    1. Hi Chandni,

      We have only tried this trick on fresh ink stains, not ones that have been washed. If you do try it out, please post your findings. Thanks.

  6. could u tell me a tip to maintain carpets clean without any stains.i recently moved to a new house with new carpet with 2kids its very difficult to maintain it clean.lot of crayon marks and ink marks on the to get rid of it, i tried resolve and other carpet help..

  7. Hi

    Thank you for the tips ,recipies,and everything you do ,me and my 6-year old son Rohan watch and learned a lot, this tip saved me from scrubbing a lot.
    I have a tip that I want to share .Its the Brown Bag Tip.I keep my green chillies and cilantro (seperatly) in the brown bags and they stay fresh and green for longer (atleast )for 15-days.

    Thank u.

  8. great tip!can you pl tell us how to prevent the clothes from india losing their color(die) when you soak in water.
    It is becoming difficult to not, put them in washer with other clothes and wash them with hands .

  9. Hi nice tip!!
    can u tell how to remove stains on pans/kadhais (on part which didn’t have oil while frying like the edges etc) after deep frying?

    1. Hi Lavi,

      If your pan or kadhai does not have any kind of coating on it (like non-stick), you can use oven cleaner to remove the tough oil stains. Slightly warm the pan on the stove, take it outside and spray the oven clean on. Leave it for 1-2 hours and wash with dish soap. You may have to scrub it a bit. Be sure to use the oven cleaner in a well ventilated area..outside is the best.

  10. I always end up with a pen mark on my t-shirt or pants and I believe most students do as well. I use nailpolish remover by dipping a Q-tip in it and just dapping on the spot and it works well!!

  11. hiiiiii di,
    i’m also curious about chicken wings…plzz ans…plzzz.i made most of ur recipes..thats awsome…great job di…thanks..

  12. hi, anuja & hetal didi, thanks a ton 4 ur recipes..could u plz let me know the ”crispy chicken wings recipe” like pizza pit..hahaha..thanks

  13. Do you have any tip for removing onion odor from hands? After cutting onions, even after washing hands with soap, the smell does not go away completely. Thanks

    1. Scrub hands with salt after you’ve finished chopping them & rinse with water. Just remember to use some moisturizer after rinsing. Has worked great for me all these years.

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