0 thoughts on “Prevent Fruit Discoloration – Tip

  1. You can actually dilute the lemon juice with some water (50-50), and fill up a little squirt bottle, and have it handy in your refrigerator for quick and easy application on the fruit.

  2. Hi Heetal and Anuja,
    I regularly watch ur all recipe episodes.I really thanks to both of u for such fantabulous recipes.In one of ur comments there is some refrence about ur 1st episode,i searched that but couldnt find.I,really,am curious to see ur 1st episode on SMTC .So would u please help me finding that episode.Thanks.

  3. Loved your tip as always! I used to put salt in a water and put cut apples in it and they used to remain fresh. This time i will try sprinkling lemon juice becos salt is not good for health. I hv a request, could u pl. share some lunch box ideas. Thanks!

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