Over Salted Soup Tips

How many times have we all worked for hours and then realized that the Soup or Curry has too much salt? Instead of throwing it away, there is a perfect fix! Watch this week’s Tip Tuesday video and learn how to save your Soup, Gravy or Curry from a Salt disaster.

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0 thoughts on “Over Salted Soup Tips

  1. Hi there,
    Tip to cover up over salted dal’s. While boiling it you can put a roll of wheat dough and let it be there for about 2-3 min n pull it out.

  2. How do you maintain such a clean house beside your hectic schedule? Please teach some time management too 🙂

    1. Hi Deena,

      Though we’d love to put out more videos every week, a lot of time and effort goes into the production of our shows. Plus, we do have the time constraints of being full time moms as well :).

    1. Hi Amulya,

      Yes, if it is parchment paper…not wax paper. The only important thing is to cut it to the exact size of your pan.

  3. Another tip is to use wheat flour dough (small ball without salt added). This small dough-ball will absorb the extra salt as well as extra chilli. Rest the dough-ball into the gravy/curry/soup for 5-10 mins than take it out.

    For many liquid based gravy Tomato will also work fine.

  4. You guys look pretty and also your Kitchen background looks great. Ofcourse i must tell about the Table cloth…awesome. Where did you bought that yaa ? pls let me know. Where are you guys living ?

    1. This kind of table cloth is very easily available. If you are in California-LA…than go to LA street…you’ll find it just for $6 for 6 chair table.

  5. Also, if potatoes are not available for some reason, you can also use chapati dough to pull the excess salt from the gravy.

      1. you can also try adding just 1 tbsp of ghee..this will balance the excess of salt and give a good taste as well. i try this with my recipies 🙂

  6. Nice tip- one I’ve used many times myself. I just wanted to say that the tablecloth is wow!- is that a madhubani-inspired print- looks fab. Apart from that, love your site-keep the curries coming!!


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