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  1. hi hetal i have a question “how to freeze food because i am going to india for 3 months & i want to freeze food for my husband

    1. Hi Khushboo,
      Here are a few tips:
      -dishes with gravy freeze better than subzis
      -freeze in small containers so that it’s faster to defrost and he can have a variety
      -label all the dishes because once the food is frozen, it is hard to tell
      -ask your hubby to take a dabba out the night before and move it to the fridge and allow it to defrost
      -frozen food is best heated on the stove as opposed to the microwave
      -you can freeze chapatis, parathas and rice as well

      Hope that helps and enjoy your trip to India.

  2. I only watched one of ur vidoes u guyz r kkkk i guess i watched the ‘galabi” one it was fantastic! Although i recomand for all these people khanapakana.com its gr8 keep it up girlies u’ll get there

  3. hello Hetal and Anuja ……

    how r u guys ????

    Both of you r doing really goood job….i need ur help///can u plz tell me how to make icing for cake without egg…

    i tried making it, but it did not come out the way we get from stores. So i was just wondring how do they make it…..so if you guys can help me that would be great….

    thanks in advance..

  4. Hi,

    Actually i am wondering what Marmalade is.Is it more like jelly or jam.I want to know because we love orange marmalade.


  5. hi anuja/hetal,
    could you post some recipes with watercress also…i searched ur entire site..i could find it nowhere…plz try to upload recipes with watercress….. thank u

  6. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    Love your recipes, always came out perfect
    tried carrot cake and kulfi, it is a regular recipe in our household now, would like to request pine apple cake and butter scotch cake as we get in Indian bakeries. I love them and miss them here in USA. Please give us the recipes so that we can enjoy them here.

  7. Hi,
    it’s really a good tip .I always wanted to know what is the difference between jams and jellies…..and now I know that.thank u very much.
    I love to watch your show…..thanks once a again.

  8. Hi,
    Good choice of topic for tip tuesday.While I knew the difference between the three,I learnt how to make jam more spreadable!Thanks.I have tried microwaving about 2 tbsp of jam with a tsp of water to ‘loosen it’ up.That worked Ok too.
    Went through all comments on filter coffee!Yes,the brew does elicit passionate responses.What I did feel is that readers have reacted more sharply to feedback than both of you have!:-)Anyway, enough said on the topic.Good luck.I enjoy watching your videos!Sorry for long post.

    1. Hi Rajani,
      Good tip to make spreadable jam.
      But pls tell me for how many minutes you microwave it and temparature to be set.

      1. Hi Archana,I have microwaved 2 tbsp jam for just 20 seconds at 800W power and it has worked for me.YOu may need more time for more jam.
        Hi Anuja,am so glad you like my idea.

  9. Finally I know the difference. I used to see ppl buy preserves but never knew what it was.And, the tip is awesome too – I am one of them who makes holes in bread ,haha. Thank You

  10. hi can you show us how o make jams @home.Im a pure veg i also want to know whether pectin or any other Ingridient have animal fats or not!Is there a veg version available in the market!

  11. I’ve always wondered what the difference is between them, and now you have told us about the difference, so now its gonna be easier in my grosery store 🙂

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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