How to De-seed a Pomegranate (Anaar)

Pomegranates or Anaar (in Hindi) are fruits that not just have a visual appeal but for so good for your health. They are very high in anti-oxidants and also Vitamin C with absolutely zero fat or cholesterol. It is beautiful looking tropical fruit that is very versatile and great in salads, drinks, reductions, deserts and savory dishes.
Here is a quick look at how to most effectively de-seed a Pomegranate. Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “How to De-seed a Pomegranate (Anaar)

  1. Anuja, thanks for the tip. Thankfully I have two pomegranates at home, begging to be deseesed! Can’t wait to try this out! 🙂

  2. Omg! Best tip ever. It works so well. Since watching your video we r eating so much more anar and since it’s in season in the US it tastes amazing. It is so easy. I can deseed one now in 2 mins and with my eyes closed 😉 thanks thanks

  3. Did you know your pomegranate video has been hacked by zombiegoboomtv?

    After watching your original video, I have come to love de-seeding pomegranates and have also directed many friends to this site to watch the video. However, when I wanted to watch this video again today, I clicked on one of two pomegranate images and ended up watching a pomegranate de-seeding video by

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you so much for looking out for us. I did look into it and it is their own video – the idea may be similar but their own content.
      It just warms our heart when you’ll look out for us 🙂
      Happy Holidays!

  4. u do great stuff! i learn a lot about south asian cooking. but i have difficulties with certain spices, when to put them and how? frying at the beginning? ad later? etc. explaining special south asian spices and when/how to use them would be appreciated

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thank you so much for your feedback!
      There are no hard and fast rules to when to add what spices. The flavor of the dish changes depending on when you add the spices. In every video, we mention when what has to be added. We try not to go into a lot of details as the the videos tend to get very long and boring.
      Having said that, we will revisit this topic again soon.

  5. Thank you for this very useful tip I used this several times since this video.
    I tried with a small Belan and that too worked! Awesome work both of you

  6. OMG… It works !!! Thank you so much for this such a wonderful tip Anuja. 🙂
    I have been showing this tips to my friends.. they were all impressed 🙂
    My husband and I are thankful to your recipes and tips.. you guys ROCK!!

  7. Anuja, I have deseeded many pomegranates in my lifetime, but never so systematically. Can’t wait to put this tutorial to use on my next pomegranate. Thanks a bunch!

  8. The membrane is actually very goo for you.
    As is the dried skin, as a tea, it has nore anti oxidants than the fruit itself

    1. Yes, Ferhana but it is bitter and hence not really tasty to eat…guess it’s a classic example of “if it’s good for you, it’s not yummy”…

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