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    1. Hi Sara,

      We have never tried to make whipped cream with collected malai. Usually, people make butter out of it.

  1. i have tried making buttercream for frosting my cake.but it ws horrible.i have used arnd 270gms of amul butter(which i admit ws a mistake considering it was salted,but i cldnt find unsalted butter in the locality),then i have added arnd 700-800 maybe more powdered sugar(it ws powdered using mixer,and it hd a rough scratchy kinda feeling as if nt properly powdered though i grinded nd blended it for longgg),added 2tbsp milk.the problem is the icing ws visually ok as i hv sn on net,but the taste ws nt gd.it ws salty nd the biggest problem is the scratchy feeling from the sugar.cn u plz help me nd tell how to make subtle icing.like they sell in the cake shop.fluffy nd airy nd tasty.plz.nd tl me in details if possible i am a novice,plz replay asap.i wnt to surprise a frnd on birthday

    1. Hi Lina,

      You really should use unsalted butter if butter is your biggest ingredient. If the recipe calls for just a bit of butter, you can get away with salted butter as a little bit of salt tends to enhance the sweetness. Regarding the sugar…powdered sugar (also called confectioners sugar) that you buy from the store is different than sugar that you powder at home. It has added corn starch, which will also affect the texture of the frosting. Having said all of this, we do not currently have a vanilla buttercream frosting video. However, if you are interested, please see our cream cheese frosting recipe that is included in our carrot cake recipe –

        1. Hi Lina,

          Yes, you can follow that method for making cream cheese. Whipped cream can be made at home using heavy cream. Heavy cream has to be bought from the store.

  2. i have been searching for heavy whipping cream since many days……….. your video is superb but i m not getting heavy whipping cream also. i stay in surat, gujarat and plz let me know if u have some idea about what brands of whipping cream to be used…. thanku

    1. Hi Nisha,

      I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with what is available in your area. It may be called “double cream”. Maybe some of our other viewers can help.

  3. Hi
    I just read the post about using amul fresh cream. After looking for whipped cream everywhere I used the amul fresh cream and whipped it and it came out perfect. Would like to share a few tips that helped me. First I put the dish and the whisk attachment into the freezer before using it and make sure the cream is also chilled. The most important thing to remember is to use a whisk attachment . It came out perfect with the stiff peak. Hope this helps cos I live in India and I have not had luck in finding heavy whipped cream 🙂

    1. hetal can yo do afavour anu told you that she made whiiped craem from amul cream please tell her show the video if possible it will help so many indian people

  4. What is the difference between whipped cream made from heavy cream and the whipped cream (cool whip)we buy in stores? Does it have the same ingredients and more importantly does it taste the same? I LOVE the taste of store bought whipped cream. I would love to make this at home as it is very easy but the taste is VERY important to me!!! Please advice.


    1. Hi Pinal,

      Store bought Cool Whip type products are non-dairy and made with oil and other ingredients to stabilize them. Homemade whipped cream is of course dairy and has few ingredients. The taste is not exactly the same, but most people will agree that homemade cream is a lot tastier and healthier than the store bought one.

  5. Hii

    I have been waiting for the answer of the above question since last seven days but u guyss dont reply..even my question regarding cream of tartar hasnt been answered??

  6. Hi hetal,

    I made home wipped cream today and it came out exactly like yours but the only problem is i stored it in the freezer like we do with store bought wipped cream and when i wanted to use it i could not because it was ice hard.Can u tell me y this happened??store bought wipped cream doesnt freeze in the freezer so why did this happened with the home made wipped cream..please reply..


    1. Hi Sam,

      Please forgive our delay in answering your question. It is a little harder for us in the summer time as we have to work around our children’s activities and vacation plans.

      The whipped cream that you buy from the store is a non-dairy product that has other ingredients to give it its texture and to keep it from deflating. It also freezes (though not ice hard) and must be thawed before using. As the homemade version is basically only cream, it freezes completely and does not keep its fluff when you defrost it.

  7. hi guys,

    tried the whipped cream yesterday for a pineapple cake i was baking, and it came out wonderfully well!!! i couldn’t help polishing it off mid way during the icing process 😛 great tip, as it tastes way better than store bought ones.

  8. A question:

    in your tiramisu video you said the cream is whipped on a bowl of ice. but you didn’t use that here?

    is this step important or completely avoidable!

    Also,I am a starter cook and I have a small kitchen. If I use a lot of utensils/bowls etc. the kitchen clutters very fast [and my mom has a fit! 🙁 ]. Please help me on how to restrain myself from using too many utensils!

    On second thoughts, could you give ANY tips to people specially kids who are trying their hand at cooking!

    1. Hi Anuj,

      Having a bowl of ice helps, but if you don’t want an extra step, you can just freeze the bowl you will be whipping in before starting to whip. One way to keep the kitchen clean is to wash dishes and utensils as you go. Don’t wait for the entire sink to fill up before staring to clean.

  9. hi hetal & anuja.
    I have two kind of cream one of is whipping cream that is frozen section, is same like top f the cake cream &other one is whipping cream is 35%like (Malai). So which one should I use?

    1. Hi Kavita,

      The frozen one is already whipped and ready to use. If you want to use this recipe, you need the liquid one.

  10. hi i want to ask dt i hv seen u ppl using two blade hand blender for whipping but i hv d single blade (covered) dt is usual hand blender cn dt b used fr whipping?plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply or i hv to buy?

  11. Hi Hetal & Anuj…

    Thanks for the tip;But unfortunately it didn’t work for me today when I badly wanted to try a dessert for my guests.

    I used Amul Fresh cream..and was trying hard to whip it for almost half an hour.I was so disappointed as I couldn’t get even a soft peak and the mixture was in liquid state even after half an hour of blending.

    Can you also give a tip in deciding the ratio of the quantity of food to guests?..

    Expecting a reply …Thanks in advance

    1. Amul Fresh Cream is a light cream with only a 25% fat content. It isn’t designed for making whipped cream. The fat content is too low to trap and hold the air bubbles that are created when you make whipped cream.

      Heavy cream typically has a fat content between 30% and 40%.

      1. Thanks Velops..I live in India and might be due to my lack of awareness I ve come across only Amul Fresh Cream.Can u please suggest the brand of cream I should use?

          1. Hi Amta,

            So sorry, but I am unfamiliar with the brands available in India…maybe some of our other viewers can help with this one.

    2. Hi!
      even i tried Amul Frsh Cream! Same thing happened!:(

      But that’s when my mom came to the rescue!
      Gotta love Indian Moms! 😀

      Use the home cream that you separate from your full milk instead!
      Tried it today with SMTC’s tiramisu!
      Came out gr8!

      P.S. Anuj, Hetal! You guys rock!

    1. Hi Vaishali,

      Yes, you can store the whipped cream for a few days. Confectioner’s sugar has corn starch in it that helps stabilize the cream and help keep its shape longer, but regular sugar will work.

  12. hii hetal and Anuja
    i wanted to know how can i avoid sticking milk to the bottom of th pan..wheneever i make khir or custard the milk always sticks to the bottom of the pan and the burnt flavour gets to the whole dessert and spoils the real taste even if i keep stirring it while boiling(i boil the milk for a while for making any dessert)..so can you tell me how can i avoid this???


      1. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

        A quick question – some recipes call for a little “cream” mean here? Is it the heavy cream or the cream cheese or whipping cream or something else?

        Please let me know.
        You ladies look gorgeous

        1. Thanks Divya,

          When a recipe calls for cream, it is usually the same heavy whipping cream we have used here. However, they want you to add it in its liquid state…not whipped up with the sugar and all. You can also substitute half and half or evaporated milk for a lower fat/calorie option.

  13. It hasn’t been mentioned but it is very important not to whip the cream too much. If you whip the cream several minutes beyond the stiff peak stage, the cream will separate into butter and buttermilk (buttermilk you buy in the store is a very different product). It is a point of no return. You can’t change it back into cream.

    If you mess up, you can still use the fresh whipped butter for other recipes. You can add herbs or spices to it and make a compound butter.

  14. I usually add a little bloomed gelatin (usually the plain unflavored one, you do get the vegetarian gelatin in the market) half way through the whipping process. That helps the whipped cream hold its shape longer & gives it a little more strength & sharpness to ant designs that we may pipe it into. And also, it helps to whip it in a clean stainless steel or copper bowl suspended in a bowl with ice in it to keep it chilled during whipping. I feel using the hand held whisk when whipping small quantities gives a better control &

  15. Freezing the bowl and blades of the blender helps especially if you are whipping by hand.

    You can also flavor your whipping cream. In the video you use vanilla which is great for a regular whipping cream. But you can add essence of almond, orange, lemon, etc. to flavor it as you like. I make a lovely orange whip cream that I serve with french toast.

  16. Yeah for Tip Tuesday!! Can you please list the ingredients used when required on TT like your other recipes? Sometimes I don’t have time to watch the video but wouldn’t mind ready it. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  17. I was searching for this kind of cream. Thanks a lot for the video. Can you people please upload videos for tomato sauce for pizza and also tomato ketchup.

    1. Another tip that I recently found out is to chill the bowl and the blades of hand blender in freezer for 30 minutes and the consistency that we get is closer to what we need for cake decorating

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