Garlicky Hands – Tuesday Tip

After having slogged in the kitchen to get a great fresh meal ready, the last thing you want to have linger on you is the GARLIC SMELL! It’s great to eat and we just can’t skimp on it in our meals but don’t think we like it as a perfume and have to smell it on our hands for days to come 😉
Quick trick to get rid of that lingering garlic perfume!

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0 thoughts on “Garlicky Hands – Tuesday Tip

  1. Great tip ladies!!
    This is the most lifesaver tip!Saves me all the time…. Just in seconds!! Thanks 🙂 keep doing the good wrk!
    Waiting for ur tip tuesdays .. Plz carry them on!!

  2. What i have generally tried and it works so well…

    Take some salt on our wet hands and scrub your hands with it , then wash your hands.

    Absolutely NO SMELL in the end…

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        i tried using mine and a friends computer at the same time…same internet luck

        so u did block me from acessing your site.

        oh wellll….

  3. Hi Hetal Anuja,

    Another tip for removing garlic and onion odors from fingers which has worked for me, is to rub your fingers with some lemon juice or tamarind water for sometime. i dont use a lot, just a few teaspoonfuls. And then ofcourse wash the lemon juice off with water ! I hope this works out for others too ! Thanks.

    1. To me what is annoying is not being able to hear Anuja clearly many times, especially on Tip Tuesdays! Giggling is fine! That’s the way most women are.

    1. I usually freeze dahi vadas after T fry them. Cool * freeze them in a single layer till completely frozen. And then I wrap them in press’nseal in packs of 6 & store them in a freezer bag in the freezer. Once they are in the dahi, they can be frozen in freezer safe containers, after placing some saran wrap or press’nsea; on the container, but I feel the dahi gets very watery when they are thawed. I mean that I find that the water actually separates & is kind of not as good as they were before freezing.

    2. I follow the following steps for freezing vadas:
      – Soak them in water after they are fried.
      – Squeeze all water from the wadas after they have been soaking for few minutes.
      – Arrange in a air tight container and freeze them.
      – Thaw them when you need it.
      – I would Dahi to the vadas only when I am ready to serve it.

      For vegetables,

      Usually you can freeze all the vegetables in air tight sealed ziploc bags or any air tight plastic bags. I usually cut the veggies in desired size and freeze it.

      For purees,

      Can store it in air tight containers or freeze it in ice trays. Once they are frozen, remove from ice trays and store it in ziploc bags or any plastic bag. Can use the frozen cube as and when required.

      For Paranthas,

      Let them cool at room temperature after they are done, cover it in foil paper together and put the stack in the plastic bag & freeze it. I have also come across some relatives who half cook the paranthas and freeze it, so when they require it, they heat it on tava and still find it freshly made.

      Hope that helps.

      – Urvi

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