Curry Leaf Plant (Kadi Patta) Fertilizer

Curry Leaves are an important part of Indian cooking and quite a few of us take pride in the fact that we have one (or two or three…) at home. Yes, Hetal and I are very proud owners of quite a few of them and treat them like our babies. Taking them indoors during the winter months, feeling sad every time the leaves don’t look green enough, the excitement when there is a new plant… 🙂
Here is a quick treatment to give the Kadi Patta Plant a boost. A lot of folks also put tea leaves and coffee grinds to help them flourish. Take care of your plant and enjoy them for years!

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81 thoughts on “Curry Leaf Plant (Kadi Patta) Fertilizer

  1. hi,
    thanks for the natural fertilizer tips. We live in Pak and its frustrating when internet search queries for fertilizers always turn up commercial names of the artificial stuff, cos its very hard to come by over here.

    Would like to ask if you know how to get branches going on the curry plant. Right now, it’s just sprigs sprouting from the main branch. My plant is about 3 feet tall, growing from a pot, at the moment.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

    1. Hi all!

      My name is Jerry and I visit this site frequently, love the cooking advice! My parents are from Kerala, India and so the curry leaf plant aka murraya koenigii is a must in most all of our south indian dishes. 😉

      Tas: The curry leaf plant can thrive quite well in a pot which is how I have mine. I live in the north east (US). It’s important that the plant is not watered too much. Twice a week for cooler times and 3 times a week when it’s hot consistently. It must also have good drainage or the roots can begin to rot. If you pinch off the new growth at the top of the branches, that helps for the plant to get thicker and create more branches, hence more leaves. pruning back some branches also promote new growth, just don’t over do it. As mentioned above, I too use egg shells and coffee grind on occasion. New plants started to grow from the pot, so I transplanted them to another pot for each. That’s the best way to grow your curry leaf family. 🙂

      If you go to my Instagram account, you can see pictures of my curry leaf and how I have been taking care of them. Good luck! Instagram: maka_iii_luv_my_rottie

  2. Hi, hetal and anuja
    can you please suggest soil for my curry leaf plant,as i have to plant it .appreciate if you can reply to my email.


  3. can you please suggest me soil for my curry leaf plant. there
    are lot of soil brands sold in the stores, i don’t know which brand to pick i would really appreciate if you can reply to my email.

  4. Hi,interesting website.i will try curry plant tips as I leave in uk and weather is not great. My plant is in a pot,but gets lots of insects and gets stickey. Also the leaves go brown.any tip as I don’t like using insect spray. When buying curry leaves from shop,if you get the stem,cut it from the joint,leave it in glass of water in kitchen window. Hope it will grow roots in 2/3 weeks.same can be done for tulsi stems.the stems should be strong.

    1. Hi Hina,

      The stickiness is probably not from insects. We have really warm weather in Texas but I still have to bring my curry plant pots inside for the winter. I also notice the sticky stuff all over the leaves and stems. I think it is caused by the cold weather. Once the pots go outside, the stickiness disappears.

      1. Sticky stuff on carry leaves is caused by small tiny bugs scales You can make peppermint soap, one tap , alcohol 2tsp, oil , one gallon water you can used cotton ball to wipe of stem and spray leaves top and bottom spray your soil good. Let your plant be out side in fresh air repeat this every other week.

  5. Hi,interesting website.i will try curry plant tips as I leave in uk and weather is not great. My plant is in a pot,but gets lots of insects and gets stickey. Also the leaves go brown.any tip as I dontlikeusing insect spray. When buying curry leaves from shop,if you get the stem,cut it from the joint,leave it in glass of water in kitchen window. Hope it will grow roots in 2/3 weeks.same can be done for tulsi stems.the stems should be strong.

  6. I have been watching your recipes for a long time. I am also an ardent cook who loves to cook and entertain. I learnt cooking from my mom and grandma. After my wedding , my mother in law used to make the dishes that were never made in my mom’s house. That opened a whole new pandora box of recipes for me. Now my mom and mother in law are no more but I cherish their recipes and trying to relive old moments by writing them in my blog.

  7. I was given a curry leaf plant recently for which I am very proud. I have not used any leaves yet because i want it to grow bigger. How do you know when it is ready to use the leaves and where is the best spot to snip the leaves.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      You really have to judge how well its doing and the growth pattern before starting to pick leaves. If it still looks like a seedling, then just let it grow. If you have plumes of leaves coming out, you can start to pick the larger sprigs from the middle of the plant. Don’t pick off leaves only, the whole sprig needs to be picked off.

  8. hi Anuja & Hetal,

    This is my first question/comment for you. Before asking the question, I would like to thank you girls..I visit your website everyday, and has been really helpful, I love cooking now..and the credit goes to you guys!!

    I live in Manhattan in a small apartment, the weather is not that supportive for a kaddi patta plant..I love the kaddi patta flavor, I buy in stock from the indian store, but the color is not fresh green, its kind of dark green, and for sure not very fresh.

    do you have any tips to keep these leaves fresh/ taste good?


    1. Hi Mini,
      Here is an option to storing/preserving the Kadi Patta leaves:

      The other option is to do the same thing that is done for storing Cilantro – wrap it in a paper-towel and store in a zip-loc bag with all the air removed.

      To get the freshest leaves – you will have to grow the plant – keep it in a place that is warm and has a lot of moisture.
      Hope that helps 🙂

    2. Hi,
      You can freeze the curry patta leaves in the freezer. The color and flavor will stay the same. You can freeze it by folding in Paper towel, and no air left inside. Then bag in ziploc bag and put in the freezer.
      Everytime you take out, make sure to tight the air out before putting it back in the freezer.

  9. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    This is a really a good tip. I would like to share one of my tip for Tulsi plant. I heard my friends complain that there tulsi die in winter even though they keep inside. They way i take care of Tulsi is – all through the year i keep plucking the tulsi seeds once they turn brown and throw back in the pot. I changed the pot size too and add pottering soil once a while.The good thing about Tulsi is it is perrineal so it will come back in summer again. This helps my tulsi to survive all through the winter and i keep my tulsi pot in the kitchen window. Hope this helps others.


  10. I love your high quality show, and you both are awesome. I am better in Indian cooking, since I started watching your show with great tips.
    Thanks for your caring tip on curry plant’s care. Yes,I am also a proud owner of curry plant, which was given to me by sister from North Carolina. I live in Arizona, and don’t have to bring the plant indoor. However, It took good one year to see fresh foliage. I need to know when and how much to cut the curry leaves.

    1. Hi Zaib,

      During the summer months, we break off each sprig from the branch as needed for our cooking. In late fall, we prune our plants by cutting off how much ever we want from the main branch. Unless you want a huge tree, you can cut off as much as you want to “shorten” the plant. This pruning action also makes the plant more “wide” then “tall”.

  11. Hi Hetal & Anuja
    I bought a curry plant 3 weeks ago,has good foliage,but does not seem to be growing.I live in Plano,Texas,Is it ok to keep it on the patio,& do I water it daily.
    Love your show.

    1. Hi Neha,
      Curry Plant is a very slow growing plant, specially since it’s just been uprooted and replanted. Have patience and give it some time 🙂

  12. Dear Anuja and Hetal,

    Thanks so much for your great tip on freezing coriander!

    Will the same method work for freshly-grated coconut? Should I add oil or coconut water? One tip I read recommended sprinkling it with sugar, but I don’t want to sweeten it. What do you recommend?

    Love and blessings,

    Devin (Tokyo)

    P.S. Good luck on your Food Network Quest! You deserve to WIN!

    1. Hi Devin,
      We usually just grate the coconut and freeze it in airtight containers or ziploc bags. We do not add anything else to it.
      Thanks for the blessings and wishes 🙂

      1. There is no good tip for freezing coriander. Some people grind it with some chilies and freeze it to use later for green chutney.

  13. Hello girls,

    I have a tulsi plant at home and has a lot of white flies. Do you have any good tips how to get rid of them and grow healthy.

    Your response will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Change the soil in the plant.
      1. Take plant out from soil and water them from tip to the bottom of the plant including roots.
      2. Then change pot and soil and then plant them in that.
      3. Dont water a lot. Otherwise the problem will be there again.
      4. Also lots of sunlight helps.

  14. Hi anuja! Can you please tell me how to clean the granet counter-top and glass.PLEASE MAKE SURE TO GIVER ME A home remedy. Thank You!

  15. hi i have just got some herbs orgeano, rosemary, thyme and basil. sould you suggest me how can i use them in indian style cooking. thanks

      1. anuja would you have any idea how to take care of a tulsi plant in the house?

        are we allow to tream them and how much?

        when winter comes do you know how to protect them?

        does any fertilizer good for them cuz i used the miracle grow last year it made the plant died! or I dont know how it did that.

        some people say do not move them or touch them often is that true?

  16. Hi guys !
    does anyone have a good tips for tulsi plant ?

    cuz when we buy them they are only lasting for summer when winter come they are dying in the house !

    so can you guys let us know if the above fertilizers would be helpfull for tulsi plant or no?

    will be much appreciated please !
    thank you in advance

    1. Hi,
      Tulsi plant needs to stay in one place, and can’t keep on switching places. During winter season specially keep them in the sunny place by the window. Where you get lots of sun during the day. Also only water them every 2 weeks. I have Tulsi plant at home, My pot is big and still water only a glass of water.
      Also those who live in US can go to Lowe’s home improvement store, they sell plant meter reader which shows, if the plant is wet, dry or moist.
      This scale really helps in checking our plant to see if water is needed or not.
      I hope this top helps.

  17. I live in Egypt and I am anxious to find Kari Leaves. I know there are many spice markets here, and also some Indian residents. I would like to know either the Latin or botanical name for this plant, or, even better- the Arabic name for this, and any less familiar Indian spices.
    Thanks very much for the informative article. Great site!

      1. Thank you, that’s great. I will try to track this down over here. I have difficulty finding spices like Sambar powder dried mango powder and of course Kari leaves. If anyone can help me with the botanical names or Arabic names for these other spices, it would really make my life a lot easier.
        Thanks once again Anuja 🙂

        1. Hi Fiona,
          Sambar Powder is a combination of a a lot of other spices. It can be found in a pre-packaged box/package. Dried Mango Powder is also known as “Amchur or Amchoor” in Hindi.

  18. Great tip, but you should also show us how to start a curry leaf plant. I am tempted to grow this plant because I love curry leaves but not sure exactly how. Maybe that could be one of your future tips.



    1. Hi Pinal,
      Unfortunately, it is very hard to start a plant from the seed. The seed needs to be fresh and planted immediately and pretty much be babied. It is easier to come by a baby plant ( ) and a lot of Indian stores have them as well.
      Check it out!

  19. hi
    any tips for tulsi plant? if yes please give me.i brought three times but it didn’t grow.winter tips summer it growes little bit.
    you saw plant grow tips its a good idea.i like planting.thanks.

    1. Tulsi plant when seeds start to come pinch them out keep pinching it . Tulsi will need warmer place in wi yet so make sure it is sunlit warm place in the house . Unless you leave in warmer weather year around . In winter right around first fall seed will start to come you have to pinch or cut the. Out your tulsi will make it thru winter. Also if you put your seeds from tulsi back in pot it will
      Come back in summer no need to buy plant every year .

  20. Hi,

    Another tip for Kadi Patta fertiliser –
    Just pour some Buttermilk to the plant along with water eveyday. Plant grows really well and much greener.


  21. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    I give my curry leaf plants, the water from washing the rice. When we wash the rice, we usually just run under the faucet in the kitchen sink, but instead if you pour it out to a curry leaf plant, you will notice in a few days that the plant is greener and fresher and healthier. You can even do it daily, no harm. I read this in a telugu magazine and tried it and it works great. Hope you try it and post here what you find.

    I use egg shells like you showed for rose plants, and rose plants apparently need more calcium and so the egg shells are supposed to be great for them too.


    1. wow that’s very good tip for vegetarians who doesn’t buy eggs @ all !

      Thank you so much for sharing that with us Jyothi.. We appreciate that !

      But one concern that is I have selfwatering pot in which I have to fill the water underneath the pot. So I dont know how good that will be when your water is staying in the pot about a week underneath. It’d probably be stinky isn’t it? I wonder what to do for that.

      Thanks anyways !

  22. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    I had trouble finding them in our Indian stores, but found that they are sold on ebay as well as Amazon seems to have better prices, but the plants are very small, 4-6 inches. Thanks so much for the tip on helping curry plants surive!!!

    1. Judy curry plant when they are small it takes longer to grow. So be patience, you can use buttermilk once a week. Which is natural fertilizer. Keep it in warm shaded sunlight or morning sun light area. As it grows if you want thicker foliage pinch of top growth so it will spread and grow new branches





  24. can i plant the curry leaf in the ground or in the pot.If i plant in the ground will it remain for the next summer.

    1. Hi Sudha,
      It kind of depends where you live. Here in North Texas, we need to plant it in a pot and bring it indoors in the winter. But in states like Fl, AZ and other really warm states it does really well in the ground.
      In the winter the leaves shed and new ones appear in the spring and that is the nature of the plant 🙂

    2. Sudha
      It depends on where you live
      In India you can put it in ground , Florida, California or warm weather you can plant it in ground .

  25. i would also love more tips on locating and growing my own curry leaf plant. in a previous video you mentioned you had one and i looked for one but no plant shops had them here.


    (p.s. made your kadhai chicken last night it was so delicious)

  26. yes…where can i get this plant ? pls tell me. How much it cost ? Does it require direct sunlight ?

    If you guys have one then why don’t you guys give more info on this ??

  27. Can they be used for other plants too? Also, what about veggie peels, etc. Can we just dump them below the plants? I don’t have time or patience to make compost. Please let me know if this works. Thanks

    1. hi R

      i’m not sure abt veggie peels but yes ofcorz can use the egg shells for other plants too… I have been doin this for rose plants since ages…

    2. Hi R,
      Veggie Peels may be good for outdoor plans but Curry Leaf Plant (and others that we bring into the house and that are potted) we think that they would stink and attract insects.
      The Egg Shells, Coffee Grinds and Tea Leaves work for other plants as well.

    3. well eggshell contain calcium and basically keeps leaves healthy.all the plants which are used for leaves ( coriander, curry, etc) or grown for leaves. its great if u add calcium to them

  28. that is a great tip but how often should you put in the egg shells. i’ve almost 2 eggs broken like this everyday but i’m not sure my plant needs so much egg nutrition everyday…:)

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