18 thoughts on “Creative Uses of an Egg Slicer – Tuesday Tip

  1. Hi,

    Can you kindly put text also of all your flash player tips since in some of the devices like iPad iPhone etc flash player is nit supported which makes it difficult for viewing.


  2. Again you oblige me to repeat myself,you are great ladies in every thing even in bearing your viewers and in your gentle responses to us even though you have alot of business
    Just to say THANK YOU!

  3. Why dont you guys answer our questions? if you dont know or you know or you dont have time or any reason you can tell us that you cant give us answer. we can understand but yaar dont ignore us… this is the only site where I found that people dont reply you.

    very disappointed

    1. Hi Pooja,

      Sorry, sometimes our questions get buried and we either don’t see them or just get so busy and caught up, especially these days, with the kids at home and the summer vacations going on!

      To answer your questions (guessing that the Anonymous one is also from you), regarding the blender for spices and for daals etc., if you want to buy one appliance that works for both, we have one in our kitchen store. It is great for dry spices, ginger, garlic pastes and for daals, idli and dosa batter as well.

      This is all one appliance that will take care of all your needs.
      Take care:)

  4. I hope u guys know I have asked u some questions, I am waiting for your reply….I know both of you dont disappoint your viewers

    thanks in advance

    1. We are sorry to dissapoint you with this tip but we try to cater to all levels of cooks. Sometimes what may be very obvious to you maybe an ‘ahaa moment’ for someone else. It happens between Hetal and I all the time (the ‘WOW! I never thought of that….’ moment)
      Thanks for understanding:)

  5. hi dear hetal n anuja

    m eagerly waiting for your reply…

    I do apreciate your work and I know you guys are so busy for new post but please spend some time and answer all my questions regarding blender??????????

    thank you so mch

  6. Hi Ladies,

    I am getting email notifications for new recipes a day late, I don’t know if that is an error from your tech side or done purposely. Just an FYI.

    Also, I always wonder where the stars(rating recipes) come from that are located upper left corner of your videos. Who determines the ratings because I notice it with every new posting. Just curious.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the delay. We will let our tech dept. know about it. Thanks for looking out for us:)

      Regarding the rating, it picks up the rating stars from YouTube. We embed our YouTube Videos on our site.

  7. Thanks for d lovely tips

    I have some questions, plz do reply..

    1) Which blender is good to make paste of Garlic, ginger n chillies?

    2) What can I use to make powder of dry ingredients?

    3) does the same blender work for both(powder form n paste)?

    actually I had hamilton beach blender, but when I use that to make paste of garlic or any daal muje paani jyada add karna padta hai, and daal batter become watery…
    so I am going to buy new one, I need your help to choose best blender


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