Over Salted Soup Tips

How many times have we all worked for hours and then realized that the Soup or Curry has too much salt? Instead of throwing it away, there is a perfect fix! Watch this week’s Tip Tuesday video and learn how to save your Soup, Gravy or Curry from a Salt disaster.

"Over Salted Soup Tips"

How To Store Green Chilies

Many times, we find ourselves with a lot of fresh green chilies on hand. Either we bought them on sale, grew them in our garden or just over-estimated what we need! Whatever the reason, now comes the hard task of making sure they don’t spoil or grow fungus. Turns out that there is a simple thing you can do to extend the life of green chilies. Watch this week’s Tip Tuesday video to learn how.…

"How To Store Green Chilies"

Freshening Pillows – Tuesday Tip

Do your pillows have a musty odor? We wash pillowcases frequently but never really pay attention to the actual pillow. Here is a great way to freshen up the pillows and give them an extended life! This tip is great for people who suffer from allergies or for someone who recovered from a cold or flu virus. Freshen up the pillows to get rid of all traces of virus or bacteria. From Show Me The…

"Freshening Pillows – Tuesday Tip"

Sticky Dosa/Dosai Tawa

There is just no point crying about the dosa sticking to the tawa/tava. And of course it will happen when you have a group of hungry mouths to feed! Now all you have to do is watch this video and learn how not to get dosai sticking to your cast iron pan or tawa. This tip is very simple to use. Another day and another beautiful dosa, life is good! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Check out the ShowMeThecurry…

"Sticky Dosa/Dosai Tawa"