Green Papaya Subzi – Vegetarian Recipe

Ever gone for groceries and been bored just looking at some of the vegetables? It’s okay, it happens to all of us, try this unripened Papaya Subzi or Curry and add a new and interesting dish to your usual dishes. The other good news is that Green Papayas are available all round the year and health-wise is great for you too, it is full of anti-oxidants, great for your digestion and immune system…enough reasons? Prep…

"Green Papaya Subzi – Vegetarian Recipe"

Cool Mint Cucumber Soup

Cucumber and Mint both spell “Summer”, “Refreshing”, “Cool”! This wonderful Cold Soup is a great alternative to the warm, hot soup that we are more familiar with. Try this awesome, simple yet cool soup over the summer for a party or better yet, a barbecue! For garnish add a sprig of fresh Mint and a slice of Cucumber and enjoy!

"Cool Mint Cucumber Soup"

Beetroot Salad (Kosambir)

We are always looking for fun way to incorporate vegetables that are good for us into our diets or be it just to sneak vegetables into out kids food. Beetroot (aka red beet or beets) is a nutrient rich vegetable which is known for its benefits with cardiovascular health and hypertension. Besides it being very nutritious, beets are beautiful to look at due to their deep color, be it the red or the golden (in…

"Beetroot Salad (Kosambir)"