Remove Microwave Odor – Household Tips

Microwaves tend to hold on to lots of odors. Watch this week’s tip video for a quick and easy way to remove those pesky food smells and deodorize your microwave! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Check out the ShowMeThecurry YouTube Channel +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Connect with us on Social Media: ShowMeTheCurry on Facebook ShowMeTheCurry on Twitter ShowMeTheCurry on Instagram ShowMeTheCurry on Pinterest How to get rid of bad smells from microwave, organic cleaning, how to remove odors from microwave, get rid…

"Remove Microwave Odor – Household Tips"

Cleaning the Microwave Chemical Free – Tuesday Tip

Cleaning your microwave is very important but you don’t want to clean it with a spray that has chemicals. After all, you will be heating your food in the same place. Go Green and use this method that will make you smile and feel good from the inside! Here is ShowMeTheCurry’s take on cleaning your microwave: Method: 1. Take a microwave safe mug or a bowl. 2. Fill it up to 3/4th of the way…

"Cleaning the Microwave Chemical Free – Tuesday Tip"

Khandvi How-to Video

Khandvi (Khandavi) is a popular snack item from the state of Gujarat, India. It’s unique soft texture and mild flavor makes is a favorite with kids and adults. Try this super fast microwave recipe for Khandvi and serve it as an appetizer for your next get-together.

"Khandvi How-to Video"

Khandvi Rolls – Gujarati Snack

Khandvi (Khandavi) is a very popular snack item from the state of Gujarat in India. It’s unique soft texture, mild flavor, cool yellow color and the crunch and presentation of the seasoning on top makes it a favorite with kids and adults. Authentic way of making it is, of course, on the stove top but here we show a super fast and easy way to make it in the microwave. Don’t let the look of…

"Khandvi Rolls – Gujarati Snack"

Poha Chivda How-to Video

Indian snacks are awesome, but when we look into the health factor, they go from 30 to 0 in 2 seconds flat. Poha Chivda or Chidva is a wonderful healthy snack alternative to the fried ones, you so yearn for at the stores. This Poha Chivda recipe has a great shelf life and is so easy to make. Make a big batch and store it or a small batch and keep it fresh.

"Poha Chivda How-to Video"