Biscuit Cake How-to Video

Biscuit Cake ! It’s that wonderful time of the year when you are scrambling for something exciting to impress that someone special in your life. Enjoy this wonderful cake with a twist…yup, it is made with biscuits!!! and no baking required. Simple and easy and the end of the road is just a sweet sweet deal.

"Biscuit Cake How-to Video"

Biscuit Cake

Looking for an easy cake recipe that is no bake, so no oven and no eggs! Is this possible? You can please the vegetarians in your life while you enjoy your cool kitchen in the hot summer with this delicious and innovative Biscuit Cake. You will probably have to fight the kids off just because you want it all to yourself. How do we know? Well, we’ve been there and done that! The only thing…

"Biscuit Cake"