Tip – Ginger-on-demand

Here is a great way to store ginger for a long time and use as and when needed. Buy it in bulk, when on sale and store it quickly and easily. Another tip, take a chunk of frozen ginger and allow it to defrost and then just squeeze the juice out just as you would for a lime or a lemon 🙂

"Tip – Ginger-on-demand"

Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste

A big time saver in the kitchen is to have ginger and garlic paste on hand and ready to use. Unfortunately, the store bought ones tend to have a lot of preservatives, giving them a funny aftertaste and smell. Try this quick recipe to make your own ginger and garlic paste at home – all natural and no preservatives. The best part…it has a shelf life of over 2 months in the refrigerator!

"Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste"

Ginger Cardamom Tea (Chai)

Tea is very personal, or so it is believed amongst South East Asians. We are 5 people who drank tea in our home, while growing up and all of us liked it made differently! There is no right way or wrong way, it’s just a preference. This one is a basic Tea recipe and you can tweak it, customize it to your taste b adjusting the Ginger and the Cardamom. Here is an aromatic version…

"Ginger Cardamom Tea (Chai)"