Kheere ka Raita (Yogurt with Cucumber)

Raita or Raitas are an essential part of an Indian meal. A simple Dahi/Yogurt/Curd is spiced up with some spices and sometimes there are fruits and vegetables added in to make it more exciting. In this recipe, we add in some grated Cucumber that provides a great crunch, and also cools the palate from an otherwise spicy meal. Cucumber is also known to cool the body temperature hence making this raita a perfect one to make when the weather is warm. Enjoy this savoury, wonderful, cooling and yet spiced Yogurt Raita.
Pair this with some delicious Pulao or Biryani.

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Chill Time: 15 minutes min.
Serves 4-6


Yogurt – 2 cups, well beaten
English Cucumber – half ( approx. 6” long)
Tomato – ½ med., finely chopped
Green Chili – to taste, finely chopped
Cumin – ¼ tsp, roasted and coarsely ground
Red Chili Powder – ¼ tsp
Chat Masala – ½ tsp
Salt – to taste
Mint Powder – ¼ tsp, optional
Cilantro – 5 springs, chopped


1. Grate cucumber with or without skin.
2. Squeeze out the water from grated Cucumber.
3. Add all the ingredients into the beaten yogurt and mix well.
4. Chill in the refrigerator for minimum 15 minutes.


1. If English Cucumber is not available, use the regular one but make sure to de-seed and peel it.
2. Serve with a rice dish or with any Indian meal.

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0 thoughts on “Kheere ka Raita (Yogurt with Cucumber)

  1. I just made this cucumber raita, and normally I dont care for raita that much but this is fantastic. The only difference was that I put the yogurt in a strainer first with a paper towel and rained out some liquid which made it much thicker and creamier and added fresh mint! It is wonderful thank you for a great recipe. I also just finished making the recipe for Channa Dal subzi which is also really tasty. It is the first time I have used the black channa instead of regular and I love them, they taste so good just fresh out of the pressure cookers. I might have to use them to make hummus. Thanks you for a wonderful Web site

  2. I stumbled upon your website looking for english cuke raitha recipe. I am surprise I had not found your site much, much earlier. Great site. I will post in my facebook.

  3. Hi ! Thanx a ton all your salads look great nd Healthy . I’m gonna include one of these in my diet daily . Luv U guys . Urs is d best cookery site I’ve ever come across . Take Care .

  4. Hi chechi,

    We tried making cucumber raita, which turned out to be fabulous. Loved it. We got into cooking 2 weeks back, and by far tried 4 of your dishes. All of them were just fantastic. Never did we make food with this taste from any other references. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this website! One question though- I always have trouble with the salt amount. Too little or too much tastes bad, and I’m never sure when it tastes right, so I keep adding until it’s too much. I am always very disappointed to see “Salt to taste”. I’d love to have your exact recipe to follow, then I can always adjust for my taste later anyway, but at least when I start I have some idea! Thank you so much – fantastic job both of you- I have tried many of your recipes and it is wonderful food. Please- how much salt do you put in this recipe?

    1. Hi Jaya,
      Thank you so much for the compliments 🙂

      Regarding Salt – it really is a personal preference. When possible, we do try and mention the amount but you are better off adding less and then adding more if necessary…. 🙁
      We will seriously consider your suggestion.

  6. Hi,

    I wanted to ask about the Chat Masala, what kind of species are there in the Chat Masala, I like to make it myself.. I made the vegetable biryani and it was delicious. Thx fot all the great recipes.

    All the best Latifa

    1. Hi Latifa,

      Chaat masala is one of those spice mixes that is really convenient to buy pre-made. It really has a lot of spices that you may not use in your normal day to day cooking so if you buy all of the spices separately, you will have a really BIG batch of chaat masala.

  7. Hi
    I saw your video on making Yogurt/Dahi on other website.
    I am making my own dahi now and it is really tasty. I wanted to thank you as it saves so much money.
    take care

  8. I once tasted some fried big green chilies stuffed with mashed potatoes in an Indian restaurant. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this dish and I really would like to attempt to make them at home; would it be possible if you could put up this recipe on your site.




  9. Dear to girls which names I unfortunatly cant remember (I am very sorry for that );0)

    I just stumbeled to your webpage and I am absolutely thrild about I am so happy to have found your page. I am a moroccan girl living in Denmark and Iam so grazy about indian food, I can never get enough of it. But so many indian recipes on the internet (only written) are so difficult to understand and they never end up tasting as I was hopping But when I found your homepage with the videos showing and describing exactly how to do it I got so happy I am going to cook so mush indian food from now on
    Pleas please please I have a favour to ask could you please show us how you make more of your lovely curry dishes??? Both with vegetables and meat. I really hope to see more of some of your great indian currys. Thnak you very very much

    Yours sincerly

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