Carrot and Green Chili Pickle

It’s so convenient to go to the Indian grocery store to buy pickles but have you ever wondered how long the bottle sat on the shelf before you picked it up? Well, you won’t wonder when you make this easy Carrot and Green Chili Pickle recipe at home — with fresh ingredients! You will be able to control the amount of salt you use and tailor it to your tastes.


Carrots – 1/2 lb (peeled and thick julienned)
Green Chilies – 1/2 lb (cut in half long ways and cut in half again across the center)
Salt – 2 tsp (or to taste)
Oil – 4 Tbsp
Rai Kuria – 2 tsp
White Vinegar – 2 tsp
Asafoetida (Hing) – 1/8 tsp
Lemon Juice – 1 to 2 Tbsp (according to taste)
Additional Salt – to taste


1. In a large mixing bowl, add Carrots, Chilies and 2 tsp Salt.
2. Mix well, cover and keep aside for about 2 hours (mix in between).
3. Using a sieve, drain off all liquid which has formed in the bowl and discard.
4. Line a large tray with paper towels and spread the Carrots and Chilies in a single layer.
5. If time permits, place tray in the sun for 1-2 hours to allow the Carrots and Chilies to dry out (best option). If not, place a second layer of paper towels over the Carrots and Chilies and blot them dry.
6. In a mixing bowl, add Oil, Rai Kuria, White Vinegar, Asafoetida, Lemon Juice and Salt. Whip until mixture is emulsified.
7. Add dried Carrots and Chilies and mix well to coat.
8. Cover and keep aside for 3-4 hours (mixing in between) before storing in the refrigerator in a clean, dry jar.
9. Shelf life is up to 1 month.

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0 thoughts on “Carrot and Green Chili Pickle

  1. Dear Hetal,

    Really your videos are amazing it helped me a lot, i stopped searching other food guide channels after you and i respect the effort behind your videos. i have a small concern regarding the website, your valuable video need a good Web design it looks a bit outdated . let me know if you are planning to upgrade your website ………thank you sooooooo much for your videos. i wish you all the best for your future journey. God bless you.

  2. Seems like this pickle has many variations, I have seen people add haldi & fresh lemon juice instead.But I do like this carrot & chillie pickle very much as this is home made & according to one’s taste.
    Thank you. Gigi

  3. One cannot have too many recipes of pickles, this looks so yummy.. and to think we get carrots all year round. I will definitely try these out.




  5. Hi Hetal-Anija,
    Thanx for all ur recipes.I m following ur blog all the time.N u know wt i hv a son of 21 months old n he like urs videos too much.Wn i start to wach he always join me by sitting on my lap n he is following u guys while smiling n taking a bite of recipe.U know i ws watching ur recipies wn i ws pregnant must be effect of that.Thanx a lot.
    keep it up.

    1. Hi Sarita,

      We use canola oil because it is pretty mild flavored. You could use mustard oil, but you may want to heat it up a bit before using it. Also, the flavor will be very different.

    1. Hi Reena,

      We’ve only made this recipe with the vinegar. It acts as a great preservative for this pickle. I am sure you could just use lemon juice but the shelf life may be less.

  6. Hi Ladies,

    This recipe brought back memories – as soon as I saw the veggies laid out on the tray it reminded me of my grandmother’s pickle-making on warm sunny days! I’m not sure that I would do the same as I have a variety of wildlife in my back garden that are likely to take an interest….everything from insects and bird to squirrels and foxes…and also it’s been a grim wet summer so far in London 🙁


    1. Hi Milady,

      Yup, wet summers are not good for this pickle :(. As far as the wildlife goes, I know they sell these little mesh tents for picnics. You could put it over the tray to keep out mosquitoes, flies, etc.

      On a separate note, bet its crazy in London right now…are you excited about the Olympics?

    1. Hi Jaskirat,

      Yes, rai kuria is usually available at most Indian grocery stores. If you can’t find it, you could try to grind some regular mustard seeds and use them, just less of them.

  7. Namaste ladies,

    I bought a small container of asafoetida a couple of months ago, unwrapped it and by mistake left it sitting out on the kitchen counter when I went off to work. Upon return home, my house reeked with a horrible sour stink. I found the source be to the asafoetida. I quickly found a small glass jar with a very tight fitting lid into which to place the asafoetida (container and all). Is this stuff supposed to smell soooooo bad? If so, why would anybody in their right mind put it their food?

    Your admiring fan, Rich

    1. Hi Rich,

      Ha ha ha! Yes, it is amazing how something that smells so bad can be added to food. Asafoetida is sometimes called “the devil’s dung” but just a pinch of it really enhances the flavor of the dish, making it taste authentic. It has a unique flavor that cannot be replicated with anything else and as you probably guessed, must be used in extremely small proportions. The other reason for using asafoetida (besides flavor) is that it helps with digesting gassy foods like beans/daals.

  8. Hi
    Thank you so much I have been trying to find this recipe for ages as it is impossible to get carrot and chillie pickles here in UK. Will try this out and let you know how it is.


  9. lovely recipe..yumm !! I was just wondering what’s the steel handle+rod above your gas stove. Sorry for the curiosity 🙂

  10. Question: May I use fresh lemon juice for this pickle recipe?
    So enjoy your videos! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes.

    1. Hi Janis,

      You could use fresh lemon juice. We like to use the bottled one because we found it helps extend the shelf life.

  11. Thank you. I have been wanting to make this style of pickle for a while. Do you have a recipe for lemon pickle, where it sits in the sun for a while?

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