Vegetable Broth or Stock

Vegetable Stock is a very important ingredient when making soups or just making daals and pulaos more nutritious and flavorful. This vegetable stock recipe is very simple yet it’s packed with goodness and so much more flavorful that using water. Homemade broth or stock is not just cheaper but a lot healthier and tastier (and no preservatives or MSG). Give this vegetable broth recipe a shot and you’ll see that it does not get any easier than this! We have used it extensively in recipes on our website!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 45 min – 1 Hr
Makes – 14 cups (approx)

Oil – 1 tbsp
Garlic Cloves – 8 large, roughly smashed
Bay Leaf – 1
Whole Peppercorn – 1/2 tsp or to taste (optional)
Onions – 2 large, big chunks
Carrots – 4 large, big pcs.
Tomatoes – 2 large, big cubes
Celery – 4 stalks, chopped
Spring Onions – 4 stalks
Leeks – 4 stalks (optional)
Parsley – 10-12 sprigs, whole
Salt – to taste
Water – 1 gallon/16 cups


1. Wash all the vegetables well.
2. In a heavy bottom Stock pot/pan, add in the Oil.
3. Add in the Garlic and then turn on the flame.
4. Once the Oil is warm, add in the Bay Leaf and Whole Peppercorn.
5. Add in all the Vegetables one after another.
6. Add in Salt to taste and mix well.
7. Allow the Vegetables to cook for about 5-6 minutes.
8. Add in Water, increase the heat to a high and cover to allow it to come to a boil.
9. Once boiling, remove cover, reduce heat to a low and allow the Vegetable to simmer for 45 min to an Hour.
10. Allow the Stock to cool a little, drain the liquid and trash the vegetable.
11. Once the Stock is room Temperature, store in the refrigerator for 5-7 days or freeze for later use.

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0 thoughts on “Vegetable Broth or Stock

  1. Dear Chefs,

    Thank you for your fabulous site. The recipes are marvelous and the instructions are conveyed in such a comprehensive manner it inspires even the most nervous of western novices to delve into the cooking of exotic eastern dishes, thank you, … what a team!

    Regarding the storing of the broth, would you consider it worthwhile to freeze the liquid into ice cubes and then store the ice cubes in zip log bags?

    Thank you once again for your generous culinary contribution to our homes.

    Montreal, Quebec

  2. Hey guys.. when u say cook it for 45 minutes, you mean another 45 minutes AFTER you bring the mixture to a boil right?

  3. Hey ladies. I have been watching your videos a lot lately as I just got married and started cooking. Really love them!

    For making vegetable broth, can I use raw banana peels, potato peels, chow-chow peels, ridge gourd peels, gia peel, kaddhu peel etc? I’m a south indian and these vegetables are common in my kitchen and want to know if they can be added while making the broth.

    Awaiting your reply,
    Thanks a ton

  4. just got to hear about u frm my niece n tried ur site.I thrilled at the way u girls explained the making of vegetable broth.thnks n cn u have more receipes on soups without a lot of cornflour in it.I m a veg person so more on the healthy options.thnks

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Spinach loses its nutrients really fast (if overcooked) so it would not be a good idea to add it to broth. You can always add it in later in whichever soup you are preparing.

      1. Heartily agreed but I would add the caveat that putting in the stalks of the spinach that you aren’t using anyway in the last 15 minutes would give it a ‘greener’ flavor. You are absolutely correct about the vitamins, though. The B’s go fast.

    1. Hi Mira,

      You could, but why waste good vegetable broth on a meat dish? Normally it is more expensive to make vegetable broth than it is to make beef or chicken stock.

    1. Hi Jayshree,
      You can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about 5-7 days or in the freezer for about 2-3 months.

  5. Dear Hetal and Anuja, this is my sencond post sorry I couldn’t resist to post again. I been exploring your website and it is FANTASTIC and I just need to ask you a favor, if you turn to be the new chefs of “network of food” please don’t change the way you explain the recipes. I am always confused by all those screamns “BAAM” and fancy way they cut the vegetables that make me feel that I don’t have the skills and tools to put together a dish. Since I found you guys and followed your instructions I know that is simpler and easier. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Hugs!

    1. Hi Vineeta,

      If you have any left over trimming from other veggies, you can add them. However, for the base flavor, we’d suggest using the actual vegetables.

  6. Looks good. Guys, I really hate the throwing veggies part. If not anything, they still have fiber.

    Hetal, the top you are wearing looks really nice. Adds an additional pinch of color to the show :->)

    I like using coffe cup for support while freezing. Never thought or heard about it before. Thanks.

    1. Hi R,

      Yes, throwing the veggies hurt me, too. Making broth at home has been a learning experience for me over the years. The first time I ever made it (some 15 yrs back), I actually blended the veggies and the broth in a blender, thinking I would make use of the veggies — bad mistake! I had to throw the whole yucky thing away. If you try eating one of the leftover veggies, you will see exactly why we have to throw them away.

  7. Hi,

    We dont get parsley and celery easily here in India. Are there any substitutes for these two ingredients?

    Thanks for the great video. I love this website.

    1. Hi Roshni,

      You can leave the celery out and maybe substitute coriander (dhaniya) for the parsley. Just add a little more onions or carrots to compensate.

      1. I know this is more than a year too late but I wonder about the celery. Is lovage available in India? The both stalks and leaves can be used but the leaves in particular would help compensate for the lack of parsley. It grows easily in gardens in many parts of America. I have one in my yard in the Pacific NW (no, not quite the climate of ANY of India I admit) but it is prolific and yummy. It goes in my stocks.






  9. Thanks guys ! U come up with really useful recipes everytime,Though I am really fond of cooking but eversince I started following UR recipes I keep getting a lot of praises, Thanks to you guys!
    By the way who’s doing ur videos these days ,I am noticing a change (zooming)
    also can we have a video on makki ki roti?

    Thanks in advance! Keep posting more yummy recipes!

  10. I miss your show alot since your vidios were not playing for a long time .This is the first time I’m able to watch the best young ladies I ever met on such sites .All good and success I hope for both of you .Thanks for all recipies you offer us .

  11. Thank you very much for this receipe. I have a question. Instead of cooking the vegetables for 1 hr, can I pressure cook all the vegetables in a cooker for 1 whistle?. Just got this doubt. If free please clear my doubt.

    1. Hi Preeti,

      You can pressure cook the veggies if you are in a time crunch, but broth is all about the slow release of flavors from the vegetables. Also, if the veggies get overcooked in the pressure cooker, the flavor of the broth is not that great.

  12. finally ! lol !

    thank you very much hetal and anuja !

    to share your way of making vegetable broth..I have checked other sites but as always your way of showing cooking is always unique and the best out of best..

    that’s why I was waiting to see this for long time..thankyou once agian..
    keep up the great job!

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