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  1. I just found your webside and I really enjoy. your recipies is really simple and easy.
    Since I just came in to your webside I really do not know where you live, I though both of you live in India. anyway I wish you good luck Anuja and I am still waiting for your new recipe especially I like vegetarian food

    (from Indonesia)

  2. Thanks for always putting great ideas and making Indian cooking simple for the average person. It’s my go to site for Indian cooking, and gotta give it to you both, your charisma and fun loving attitudes do alot for people watching your shows.

  3. You two are great together and suddenly you are moving? I am sad…..
    Try to do as many shows together as possible.

    Hope Anuja will get more fusion recipies.

    Good Luck for your move Anuja. . Believe me it’s not easy. Emotionally it’s more taxing. I have done that and moved back after 4 years. Hope you will move back too…..Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€°

  4. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I am on a vacation to india and i don’t get much time here to browse internet. But, today I got some free time to see what all you had added to the site. I always love to see the Odd and End section. I thought this one also be fun and exciting. But I really couldn’t have thought of this news. I kind of chocked inside. I have been watching your shows since I got married and moved US. You guys made me believe that I could cook and also my husband always praise me for this. Someway thank you guys so much. You two been a part of my daily life.I always keep my laptop on the counter table and watch your videos while cooking. I wish all the best to Anuja. I can feel what Hetal must be feeling . I just watch your shows but still kind of feel missing something. I wish Anuja will be back to US. But its a part of life.

    Thank you guys and all the best

  5. Girls,

    I have a mixed feeling to this video…feeling both sad and happy…but as you said the show must go on…yes it must go on…I wish you both all the very best for all your future endeavors….but it’s fun watching you both together on the show…anyways, I am very sure you girls will do your best whether in India or USA…you know, whenever I have tried any of your recipe, my guests have always appreciated it and when anybody asks me the recipe….I have only one answer…guess what??? Watch “show me the curry.com”…I have got compliments such as “you are an expert cook” and i thank you girls from the bottom of my heart to make me one….i have hooked many of my friends to your website…

    @ Anuja…all the very best for your move to India…I too will be moving back to India next month…if you are in Mumbai..hope to bump into you someday…and @ Hetal…I m sure you will be visiting your friend and then hoping to meet you too….Love u girls..tk care…

    1. Hi Smita,

      Thank you so much for your warm wishes and your support for us and the website. We feel so lucky to have such warm and loving viewers:)

      I will be moving to Gurgaon but will be visit Mumbai at some point -so hope to bump into you πŸ™‚
      Take care and Good Luck with your move as well.

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I almost cried half the way to your video.
    Well it is very nice of you both to share this with us, and that too ahead of time.
    I am sure this is not the end, but the new begining in a different and probably more adventurous world!

    Hey Anujaji – make sure to visit Pani Poori on street and eat in front of us, as we can’t here.
    Hetal – any chance that you will be moving to India as well?
    Good luck to you both

  7. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    you both doing a great job and now anuja moving to India would bring a SMTC a wider and larger scope, more tv shows, reaching to that big population. Good Luck to you both.


  8. Hey guys .. Would miss seeing you both together ..:( Looking forward to a different kind of SMTC.. Anuja where in India are u moving in? Is it bangalore??? Welcome home Anuja πŸ™‚

  9. I am going to miss seeing both of you together.But I’m sure you ladies are going to make a new segment fun as well.

    Anuja, good luck with the move. I hope India treats you and your family well.

    Hetal & Anuja, good luck with the transition. And keep inspiring all of us with your yummy recipes πŸ™‚

  10. I’m very upset on seeing this. Last week I was having a very bad week and wen I saw this video on youtube..I was even ore upset. The reason being….I just live few miles away from u. I always dreamt abt seeing u everytime I went to India bazaar. But I never saw u guys there.:( so, I was thinking to email u guys if I could meet you. I’m just a crazy fan of yours right from the day I came to US. I live in Dallas near Galleria. Can u please tell me if Anuja already left? It would be really nice. Atleast is it possible to meet u Hetal. That’s all. Pease..


  11. Hello,

    I have been looking at your website and recipes on and off and enjoy watching you guys make everything look so easy. Like someone else said, the friendship comes across on-screen and is fun to watch.

    I’m sure you will find new innovative ways of presenting recipes together while being continents apart. Looking forward to that. Also looking forward to knowing your experience of moving back Anuja as it is a really big move. All the very best for everything.


  12. I hope that this isn’t goodbye but the beginning of great things to happen to both of you personally and for the show!
    God bless you both:)

  13. You both make such an awesome team. I can’t say if I like Hetal more or Anuja!I hope you both get together once in a while and give us more recipes and updates. I’m sure you will do great in India, Anuja! πŸ™‚

  14. Hello Ladies, just caught up with all the e’s – and here one of you is leaving – oh no oh no.
    As one writer wrote about sad + crying – yes also I do.
    Feeling so selfish that no one of us wants this change nor to see the deep friendship that encompasses your families broken apart as – as all can see online ——– sigh
    But yes show must go on – the newness will wear off and both of you will develop around the changes and keep bringing India into all our homes with all its vibrancy and deliciousness
    Thank you both for the past, the present and looking forward to the future

  15. Hi Anuja & Hetal,
    Really sad to see two friends apart from each other.Moving to any part of our country is wonderful.I hope to see you soon back in USA.GOD bless you both and your families.Happy and safe moving.

  16. Anuja,

    I will miss seeing you both together on the show. It was fun to see the friendship come across on the screen. May be you can invite others to join the show in both the countries?

    Anyway, good luck on the move and happy times in India! I look forward to videos from both places.

    Best Wishes to both of you and your families.


  17. Good luck on the move to India Anuja. Love your blog. The stainless steel organic cleaner recipe is working wonderfully. Keep up the good work. By the way I live in Houston and you are being watched from all over the world.

  18. Dear,Anjua welcome back home.definetly i going to miss you and hetal both seeing together.but still you people will make the show rocking.good luck.

  19. Dear Anuja n Hetal, Thx for the updates. All the best to both of you. Though in two separate countries I am sure you guys will still rock the show. Good Luck.

  20. Hope the move goes well Anuja and thanks to you both for continuing with the site. Hetal, I’m sure you must be sad to be losing Anuja to India but you’re so upbeat. Keep Skyping!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new format, its a global village after all!

  21. hey beautiful ladies,

    its a sad news but as you said the show must go on.

    we have to say Best of Luck to Anuja for this big move.

    So all the Best and wish we will see both of you often on this site with new videos.

    although you both together look gr8. Ek se bhale do hote the, but nothing to worry sweet hearts.

    with luv -vijeta dangwal (Atlanta)

  22. Namaste ladies,
    How exciting!!! I eagerly look forward to experiencing a bit of India through your shared recipes and perhaps short video clips.
    My best to both of you.
    As always a true fan, Rich



  24. All the very best to you! But Anuja, just a little curious..where in India are you going to get settled? Keep up the great work! Good to hear that you guys are going to continue the show. I’m sure you are going to miss each other so much after all these wonderful years of doing to show together. Please continue to do the fabulous job! Good luck πŸ™‚

  25. oh no! but y o y o y?? cant you stay back Anuja? try to do shows together plss.. or meet yearly as much as times u can.. do max videos together.. heart-broken xoxox

  26. Hello Hetal & Anuja.. I ran into tears after watching this video and I don’t know why I couldn’t control.I think it takes a while for me to accept this change. For me both of you are definitely an inspiration to start my own cooking channel on youtube.
    Anuja, I wish you all the very best!!! Have a safe Journey! We definitely miss the combo!!!
    Good Luck!!!

  27. Hey Ladies.. if I try to be honest, I will not like you to be separated… I mean showmethecurry = SweetHetal+HumbleAnuja. You both are like merged!! I enjoyed 1000 of your recipes and more over your pair..
    Anyway, have a wonderful move Anuja…I wish you all the best… as it is all Indian’s dream who are outside of india to settle down back to India and you are one of the lucky one πŸ™‚
    Good luck… don’t forget to be with us with real indian authentic recipes πŸ™‚

  28. Hetal and Anuja, I have loved your website immensely. I am so glad that the show will still go on. Being a “foodie” myself, I have tried several of your recipes and found most of them to be relatively simple to follow. I look forward to seeing many more simple and delicious recipes from both of you. Anuja, I wish you all the best. Must say you are a “brave” woman to move back to India. Much as I love visiting Mumbai (where I am from) I have to admit I like my creature comforts here in Canada. All the best.

  29. Hi,

    First of all, you both rock as a team. It is sad that we won’t be able to see you together as it is part of a habit. On the other hand it is good that you guys are continuing with the show. I have learn and mastered most of the dishes and wish to see many more.

    Bon voyage Anuja.

  30. Oh noooooo!!!
    Oh yay!!!!
    Oh noooooo!!!

    I can’t make up my mind. :o/

    Guess we’ll wait and see, but, just as we can’t “get rid of you” that easily, you can’t get rid of us that easily, either. We’re sticking with you no matter what! :o)

    I hope we get to see a bit more first hand Indian food culture now. Good luck on all future endeavors and happy cooking/eating!

  31. Good luck Hetal, I’m glad you two will be still doing the shows,you’ve come a long way and are a great asset to internet cuisine.

  32. Oh really!!! so jealous of you :), but happy and sad at the same time. It would be so much fun for you Anuja. Wish you and your family all the best.

    Are you moving to Hydrabrad too??? just a request do show us videos of all that fabulous food and life in India(for others inspiring to move) and how does it feel being back in India for good.

  33. Thank you so much for the update. We are definitely going to miss seeing you both together. Anuja ji all the best for your future ventures.
    Hetal ji, hang in there. It is difficult to see a good friend leave. :(….

  34. Oh that is sad…we will definitely miss u both ladies together!!!It is difficult to imagine u separate…

  35. All the best on your move to India Anuja. I am so jealous! Where in India are you going to settle in? I’m sure you will do a tremendous job wherever you are going to be. All the best on the move.

  36. Awww!!! You both not only miss each other but me too…
    Its really hard to leave a friend who has been a part of life!! Though u both might not show up together but I believe ur passion to cook and share will never stop ShowMeTheCurry become a sweet corner in many of our hearts :). It became a part of our lives.. Love u guys!!

    My hearty wishes and support to u both to outlive the dream u achieved together :)!!!

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