Kotthu Parotha – Street Foods Video from Sri Lanka

The popular beach on Galle Face in Colombo is buzzing with hawkers – foods, toys, trinkets and needless to say, we noticed that the food hawkers were the most popular. We were obviously in the right place. Kotthu Roti or Kottu Parotha is what we made a bee-line for. We have a video for an egg version on our website (Click here) and wanted to see the differences between the two. To say the least, we were not disappointed. The cool breeze, the spicy dish and the empty stomach – everything hit the spot!

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0 thoughts on “Kotthu Parotha – Street Foods Video from Sri Lanka

  1. Great clip, Anuja, and amazing chopping action!

    I often order the vegetarian version in my local South Indian restaurant, its delicious and super-filling. A couple of bites is enough so I’m not sure how much of that dish you managed to get through alone, or whether you shared? 😉

  2. Namaste Anuja,
    Experiencing food from cultures that are different from ones own is the first step toward understanding, accepting and embracing one another. I thank you greatly for sharing with the fans of “Show Me the Curry”. Rich

  3. Hello Anuja,
    I am from Srilanka and now live in London. I am a big fan of you and Hethal.I’ve been watching your programme since I was back home.I still remember,I used to work at the world trade centre and I always tell my office friends to watch your site and I even gave your recipes to them.Oh how can I forget the taste of Kottu..OMG…So nice.Here in London there’s a Srilankan shop that I always go to have Kottu..But I still miss having that Kottu roti at Galle face..
    But I am so glad to see you in Srilanka.
    With Loads of Love
    Ashini. 🙂

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