Glimpse at the Lohri Festivities in India

Lohri is celebrated with a bonfire and singing and dancing. It is to mark the beginning of harvest and the shortest day of the year…here is a quick look into Lohri celebrations in India.
The same day, in different parts of India, there are festivities – Pongal, Sankranti.

Here you will see the bonfire and the Bhangra (dance). Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “Glimpse at the Lohri Festivities in India

  1. How about a video showing kite flying on Makarsankranti in Gujarat / Western India? With families and friends gathered on terraces to fly kites, listening to blaring bollywood songs and having a picnic of sorts, it is a sight to behold, not to mention the colorful skyscape and triumphant shouts of ‘kaati hai, kaati hai’ signalling victory in a war of kites in the sky.

    Aw, I’m filled with nostalgia………

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